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I was there

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:04:19]

I think everybody
we have this evening Reverend David Brewster the Rural Dean of Stockport and Vicar of St Matthew's C of E church Edgeley the Reverend David is going to open the meeting
or good evening everyone is likely to be invited to come and share with you this evening and I was going to keep it very brief just a little bit of scripture and then a prayer just to say to you all though I know certainly in some Matthews but we regularly pray for our Councillors and all Councillors by name and I'm sure that's the same across the whole of the that the Churches so in your debate live deliberations know that we are you when you're in our thoughts and our prayers
so I'd like to read to you just some verses from Apple's letter to the Ephesians and its from Chapter 3
who is wise and understanding among you
let them show it by their good life
by deeds done in humility
the humility that comes from wisdom

1 Formalities and Announcements

but if you harbour bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts do not boast about it or deny the truth
but when you have envy and selfish ambition
there you find disorder
and every evil practice
but the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure then peace-loving
Full of mercy and good fruit
impartial and sincere
peacemakers who so in peace reap a harvest of righteousness
so let us pray
god of creation we give you thanks for all the good things we enjoy
by your grace plant within us a reverence for all
makers generous and wise stewards
give us courage to speak the truth
to Hunger for justice
and to suffer for the cause of right
with Jesus Christ our Lord

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:07:09]

thank you sit down
thank you everyone now before we move on to formal business I'd like to remind everyone present that this meeting is being webcast although members of the public will not directly be filmed by the Council it is possible that cameras may indirectly capture your image if you are addressing the meeting your contribution will be recorded and broadcast unless you have already indicated that you do not wish this to happen
finally if any person present also intends to photograph or film or record the meeting would they please indicate now
nobody thank you
we will now move on to Item 1 formalities and announcements
Point 1 The minutes is your wish that I signed the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on the 30th of November two thousand seventeen all agreed
thank you

1 a) Minutes

now we move on to apologies for all right down there
apologies for absence Councillor Bagnall

1 b) Urgent Decisions

1 c) Mayor's Announcements

1 b) Urgent Decisions

[Cllr Brian Bagnall - 0:08:42]

thank you Madam Mayor Councillor Alanna Vine I think members will be pleased to know that she's now out of hospital were expecting a back in the next couple of weeks she's already started shouting at people

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:08:56]

on e-mail so she must be getting better yes me included
so yeah we wish her well and I'm glad she's getting veterans
thank you anymore apologies
Councillor Michael

[Cllr Wendy Meikle - 0:09:08]

thank you Madam Mayor Councillor growing Graeme greenhouses in hospital today is having a major heart operation Councillor GoDaddy is on the late train he sends
apologies he will be here later

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:09:18]

anymore apologies
thank you appoint to urgent decisions and there are no urgent decisions
I understand report
okay moving on to three which is Mayor's announcements so firstly

1 c) Mayor's Announcements

it is with deep regret that I have to report that the Leader of Tameside Council Councillor Kieran Quinn passed away on Monday 25th December two thousand seventeen
Councillor Quinn was first elected to Tameside Council in nineteen ninety four and became the Executive Leader in 2 thousand and 10 as well as being Chair of the Greater Manchester pension Fund
can I invite Councillors to join me in observing a minute's silence as a mark of respect to the memory of Councillor Quinn
thank you very much
just moving on to some
some announcements I will keep this brief and I want to Festival and the last full Council meeting I wasn't here wasn't very well not just like to thank Councillor Brett the Deputy Mayor for stepping in at such short notice and I've been told by everyone around I did a fabulous jobs are better watch this seat hadn't I going forward but thank you very much Malta
some of the things that happened in November obviously we had the remembrance services very poignant and there were some lovely services that I attended and we also had just recently the memorial for James Conway the Cockleshell Heroes just across from the Town Hall here that was
quite a sad occasion but nice to do have this monument for his family to remember him
having to I don't know how many carol concerts and I'm sure you must have all seen Elizabeth St Elizabeth's Reddish at Christmas Eve on TV that was a lovely lovely service but that was done back nothing October or some time so I did go along to the real one on Christmas Eve and that was equally as beautiful it was a lovely lovely service so I'd like to thank Andy for that she does a fabulous job up there it's until exhibits and
I also went to a place in Marple and the rock restore
they they look at they started in Stockport five years ago and what it is they opened a cafe in Marple called the seed cafe and I went to open this just before Christmas and what Rock do it's all about
getting the victims and the Hamas together and the restorative objects and bringing people together to try and sort out the problems why people do these things and what it happens what happens when they meet the victims and to try and get both sides of the story to see how it feels on both sides so that's what what rocks do and they are doing it all over the country now
I went to the 1 in Marple which was a lovely lovely events and Councillor Alan was there I opened the metal door forming the car didn't you looked after me all morning but what I want to say is
what I'd like to say is
there was a lady who lived across from the seed cafe and was talking to her on the day and she had not been out of her flat for nine months
and she'd started coming to the seed cafe and it was absolute lifeline for and on the day I went she was there should telling me all about these how wonderful it is and she was showing children how to knit and it was just lovely to see this old lady you know sort of them communicating with young people and feeling really valued work she did and I thought it was a wonderful thing to be able to witness that Rock do a fantastic job and it is only one person that benefits and what they did and that's a good job in my opinion but just getting onto that yesterday and I was asked to go to their five-year party sought to speak and it was attended by Princess Anne who is the patron
and a related that story too because Princess on was an absolute marvel yesterday there must have been 70 or 80 people in that room she went to every person and spoke to everyone it wasn't just to shake hands and nice to be hit was not not not at all she really do take an interest in everybody that was there and that was good to see and I told this story about this this lady Marple and she was visibly quite taken with it and I think this is what rock do they try and
try and sort things out for people who are lonely but also people who are being bullied people who have been victims of crime and the doing a fantastic job so I just sort out mentioned that to you because I think it was something that was really going to fact that was started in Stockport make sure very proud so that's more or less said I want Babylon anymore so thank you for being patient with that

1 d) Declarations of Interest

we move on now then to Item Forge declarations of interests do any Councillors or officers wished to declare any interests which they may have in any of the items on the summons for this meeting

2 Community Engagement

2 a) Public Question Time

ITEM 2 Community engagement part 1 The public question time I've got notice of
08 1 Crystal eight questions now
9 so that was
still standing
right OK we'll go to question 1 and the question is from Sheila Oliver the subject of the question is the M 60 to A6 bypass and the question is being fought to Councillor Alex Ganotis but it's going to be answered by Councillor Sedgwick
Mrs. Olive is not present this evening so she'll get a written response you've got OK thank you
sat in question the questioner is Andy Wedderburn and the subject of the question is pressure on hospital beds and the question is to be put to Councillor Tom McGee
thank you thank you
given the current situation in accident and emergency at Stepping Hill and that's
was detailed in last week's Stockwood expresses an article about that
so given the situation in any of the pressure on beds and the difficulties in the recruitment of sufficient appropriate staff is Stepping Hill hospital SIF
thank you Councillor McGee

[Cllr Tom McGee - 0:17:24]

thank you very much and thank you for the question
we all know because it's across the media and television that there is a severe pressure across all health economies across the UK and and I don't think Stockport's any difference in many ways
you'll know
I hope because I've said this previously that Stockport generally is a outlier in terms of the number of
people per thousand under thousand head of population who turn up to A&E and then equal numbers that are admitted and
all of this is part of the discussions that are currently every two weeks about urgent care group to see what to see how things can be managed and what needs to be done to try and help with the situation so
as a city before
we know that we've got increased numbers
last year compared to desist sorry December 16 compared to December 17 has seen an increase of 3 point 9 percent increase in people turn up at A&E
which doesn't sound a lot but actually is a few hundred people so it is really important to go to the point you make it about the pressure on beds
that we put a lot of effort that's wears a healthy economy and Stockport Council as part of that particularly in terms of
trying to ensure that the packages of care for those who need them are in place and are delivered so there's been a number of
a number of programmes being run 1 was home for Christmas for example where people were
people who were identified as being
able and
in and safe to go home
one of the things again that we Stockport health economy
isn't overly good at its length of stay
we have are what's called a large number of people who are medically optimised awaiting transfer so that people who could go home but there is often some reason why they can't
but if we can increase the
that if we can decrease those numbers if we can make sure that the people coming through A&E are
and who need to be treated are dealt with in a appropriate safe manner
so one of the things that again that we're trying to increase as as an economy is the number of discharges home at weekend which have been fairly low and now they're moving awkward for it for a variety of reasons so all of those helped to improve the flow helped to provide the number of beds
he talked about the pressure in recruitment and you are absolutely right there is at various levels throughout the organisation not not going to be helped in the future in my view because we rely on a lot of
medical and nursing staff who come from outside of the UK and probably from Europe nothing that's going to create another pressure
again one that everybody is aware of and one that everybody's trying to sort of work out how it can be ameliorated
we also have a flu epidemic
Stockport isn't as bad as many others in the Greater Manchester area our vaccination levels are about the same this year as they were last year you might recall our set on previous occasions that Stockport is what are the best in the country if sorry has been the best in the country I think the last three years overall target groups getting people inoculated and vaccinated
and but that doesn't mean to say that we hit everybody that we need to once we achieve anything between 70 and 80 percent depending on the target group that means we're won him for one in five people still that could be inoculated that that might be at risk of flu so there is a lot to be done there
but as part of that
the ETI opened up last week and another 24 beds to deal with the crisis and I've said before
beds in Stepping Hill our about ebb and flow when during the summer months when lesson needed that taken out in the winter if needed the brought back in and that's that ebbs and flows
on this particular thing and that's in addition to for example the 20 four beds that are permanently being provided early this year in the upper chest surgery Unit new which is part of the Stop the Greater Manchester healthier together so so there is that change all the time
so your final point is is the hospital safe well Stockport health economy is challenged like many others we haven't been in the into what's called a black alert many others have we've not been there yet hopefully we won't do
there are permanently at senior members of staff either physically on presence
in the hospital or on an on call 24 hours seven trying to manage and
not just before Christmas but over Christmas and indeed these next two weeks because that these next two or three weeks might well be the crucial weeks in terms of people turning up
the reserve
I said to somebody that today we know that a lot of elderly people are currently going into hospital not surprising and on one day I'm not sure law at beginning of last week at the end of the week before the average age of people attending A&E was over 80 so that gives you an indication of the inner the group of people many of those but not all go into the newly created frailty unit I'm sure there's a different word for it
where they are looked after and the aim is to try and get them home
safely as soon as possible 48 hours we can so so is the hospital safe I think if Dr Watson the medical Director way he'd be saying
days it's challenging we're trying to make sure we do in absolutely everything possible to ensure that people who arrive are looked after and dealt with
what everybody else is saying as well is you need to be sure about the news about why you're going to A&E because not everybody needs to go to B
and Q

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:24:11]

thank you can't me and before any further I would like to draw the attention of Members is probably the Council's Constitution which gives guidance on the type of questions which can't be asked amongst others questions about quasi judicial masters such as planning applications are just not allowed in addition a period of 30 minutes is allocated public question time so any questions that cannot be answered this evening will receive a written response I just thought I would be clarified at
our next question is from John Pearson on behalf of Stockport united against austerity the subject of the question charges for adult social care and the question has been put to Councillor Wendy Wild
thank you my Lord Mayor does the Cabinet Member for Adult social Care accept that the proposed substantial increases in charges for non-residential services are likely to have harmful effects on service users and family members of service users including reductions in hours of care taken up loss of opportunity for respite lots of opportunities to socialise at day centres
with regard to the justification given in the Council's consultation paper for increasing the maximum assessed charge from 289 pounds a week to Four hundred pounds a week I I that Stockport currently has the lowest maximum charge in Greater Manchester
does Councillor while degree that it would be preferable that we express pride in having the best provision in Greater Manchester and call upon other councils to emulate Stockport than to set a dangerous precedent by engaging in a race to the bottom
taking the proposals as a whole does she accept that increases in the non-residential charges are an attack on the concept of the social wage I I the notion that society should provide for the additional needs of its members rather than the individual having to pay for those needs to be met the principal the fines reflection elsewhere for instance in winter fuel payments and child benefit

[Cllr Wendy Wild - 0:26:37]

councillor lamb
thank you
for your question
the Council is considering changing its charging policy for home care day services extra care housing and telecare and is currently consulting on these proposals
currently we subsidise these services which means that even if service users pay a contribution towards the costs of the service they are paying a reduced rate because the Council plays an amount towards the cost of a service
the proposed increase are set in the context of an adult social care financial assessment process
and the Council would continue to assess people's financial circumstances before determining what they will actually pay
with regard to the proposal to set the maximum assessed charge at 400 pounds the GM position was provided to provide a context and I should add that some local authorities have chosen to remove the upper limit so that people with higher levels of income and savings pay whatever their package of care costs
we are committed to protecting people from the impact of high costs of care in Stockport so are proposed to keep an upper limit
can I also add that whilst the demand for non-residential services continues to increase funding from central government has in fact reduced and we do need more funding to support adult social care and keep it unsustainable footing
but can I end by saying that this consultation is still live the deadline for the consultation it has been extended to the 20 first of January and can I encourage as many people as possible including yourselves to actually respond to that consultation I welcome all views and will listen to all views so I thank you for your question

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:28:42]

thank you
our next question is from Graham tricky about subject is the A6 bypass and the question has been put to Councillor Alex Ganotis
Good evening
a report of the economy and Regeneration scrutiny committee meeting on November the second last year so that their work windows to apply for funding
to the DFG large Local Major schemes fund or other windows were in last December and its June
the reports to the Council meeting on live under the 30th the last meeting and the Cabinet on December 19 both included timelines for funding applications
for including a December and June
that is like we'll December and chip
Councillor A coaches you told the last Council meeting that you had discussed with officers the content of these reports
please could you say when the Council knew that there were no
opportunities to apply for funding for the bypass in either December all June thank you
thank you

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 0:30:10]

thank you this is a substantially similar question so what you put the Cabinet last night's which Councillor Butler addressed I'll have another go the report to the economy Regeneration Scrutiny Committee and the reports to Cabinet and Council were correct in outlining its true potential windows for submitting large major schemes were and are december 20 seven scene and June 20 18 so windows for submitting large major schemes and therefore business cases they were the windows that position has not changed Councillor vulnerable dated yesterday and cabinets that we have requested 500 thousand pounds from DFC as agreed and will continue to push hard for an early decision so that we can progress quickly with the additional Work agreed before Christmas including the public consultation so just to be clear the windows that part of the transport of talks about december 20 17 June 28 seen our government windows to submit business cases for major road projects so we submitted our business case the Strategic outline business Case to government within that window now if you want to progress on to the next stage of business case development as in this case we require more money for it you would then follow up that submission with a request for funding and those windows do not relate to the request for funding they relate to progressing the business cases so we have submitted a business case and we have now submitted that requests for funding and the next opportunity Department for Transport's is giving us to submit another business case and therefore the next round is June of this year now that doesn't mean that's the last ever window the Department for Transport is providing us to do this the maybe a further window at some point in the third the future but as far as we know it is a very complicated process that is the next window that we are aware of knows what was reflected in reports and we have kept to that timetable

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:32:19]

thank you
the next question is from Raymond Tallis the subjects of the question is bed occupancy at Stepping Hill and this question has been put to Councillor Wendy Wild thank you
thank you very much good evening the levels of bed occupancy at Stepping Hill in December were reported as frequently being well above the safe upper limit of 85 percent
and in view of this just the Council accept that including hospital bed closures in the foreseeable future in the Stockport together a business plan to save money is the height of folly thinking

[Cllr Wendy Wild - 0:33:01]

thank you Councillor Wilde
thank you Professor Taylor's for your question
the Stockport together business cases reflect a well thought-out strategy
the plan is to reduce the number of hospital admissions by investing in community alternatives
only when these alternatives have been seen to work will be commissioning happen
the Stockport together plans have stated very clearly that stringent tests will be used before triggering any bad reductions but the business cases do envisage that the local health and care systems normal response will be four more planned care and crisis intervention we delivered at a neighbourhood level so Professor Taylor's I cannot agree with you that our plans are folly where I do hope I agree with you is in our commitment and our dedication to our NHS and our services and so I do thank you for your question but unfortunately on the Stockport together plans I've I fear we're not going to agree

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:34:09]

thank you are next question is from Jack Wrigley and subject to the question is Stockport together and that is being put to Councillor Tom McGee
I recently received treatment in the community from a physiotherapist and I was surprised when she said that she had not heard of Stockport together and had not been consulted about any changes taking place
why do you think that she does not know what is happening in view of the fact that she has a valuable experience having worked in the NHS in Stockport for several years
and she's not the only health professional that I have spoken to recently who lacks knowledge of Stockport together but our chosen the physiotherapists and as an example because according to the Listening events and these people will be used to bypass GP appointments
thank you Councillor Golton

[Cllr Tom McGee - 0:35:04]

that's sorry Councillor gate thank
you thank you very much for the question
you raise a very interesting point
there have been extensive communications across all the major
partners in Stockport together so the Adult social Care within Stockport Council the CCG the FT there Penine care all of those have had
considerable input into trying to make sure that the message has gone out across all of the people that work for them and
I know for example that the bin briefing meetings both at Chief Exec level but also down to team levels there are articles in the various in-house magazines and
an information
on online that goes out
we know that the website intranet for all the organisations have been kept up to date and there have been face to face
discussions and engagement sessions
around Stockport neighbourhood care and detail newsletters around that
there are updates on that so on Stockport together on a social media presence
a variety of other things
and there's also a dedicated website so I think like like you I am surprised that this at this person didn't know anything about it because I think the extensive coverage that had been
it should mean that everybody will at least be aware of it you made them you ask why why do I think I'm not quite sure why that's the case you ask about them
these people will be used to bypass GP appointments
pharmacists and
physiotherapists occupational therapists will be used in GP surgeries
by arrangement to make sure that people are directed where they need without necessarily going to see a GP
at each stage so again I'm surprised that whoever you talk to isn't aware of this but what happened is so it was a will do from from the question is asked the communications team about how do we get over this this issue and make sure that everybody is involved actually knows what's going on because
it seems to me pointless if they don't and
a retrograde step so thank you for the question

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:37:36]

thank you
my next question is from Deborah behind the subject of the question is Stockport together consultation and the question has been put to Councillor Alex Ganotis
an e-mail sent out by the CCG says that over 500 responses were received to the Stockport together consultation and that these were in addition to responses from organisations and therefore this amounts to 40 thousand people in Stockport
could I please having writing how arrived at a figure of 40 thousand from Five hundred responses
Out of the 500 responses Thuringian 3 were obtained from people been approached on the street being faced with a question about Simon Stevens prerequisite for bed closures while out shopping I feel will be quite difficult the breakdown of gender and age suggests that there were more female responders are nearly half of all the people were older than 55 and a bigger proportion of these will over 65 the rest being spread out over a other age groups 54 percent of people spoken to on the street living postcodes SK sakes in escape 8 unfortunately there was little discussion of the Health and Adult social Care Scrutiny Committee this week of issues about the consultation itself how it was conducted and responses from the public of which this an awful lot in the document is this consultation fit for purpose or is it just a tick box exercise on a waste of public money

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 0:39:08]

thanks very question that such a very important issue which is whether our consultation was meaningful
and the process followed by the CCG and the Council is not yet completes the CCG board and the council cabinet will consider whether to organisation should adopts the business cases are next meetings so I'll be able to take into account any views I still wish to share or questions you wished to raise a challenge to the process for when we make our decisions
but formal consultation process was developed with the support of the consultation Institute's who also provided oversight and advice as it was taken forward we adopted our approach as we went along to ensure participation was as wide as possible the responses to the consultation were then analysed by an independent organisation
and their findings published just before Christmas in their entirety
this independent report was appended to the Council's Scrutiny report that was considered last night now it's interesting to note the range of perspectives surface in respect of the consultation for example the Chair of the Council Scrutiny Committee commented that it was one of the most extensive consultation responses in respect of changes to local government services that she had seen and I agree with that no you're clearly have a different view I am not asking you to agree with me I don't think we'll ever agree but I'm setting out what I believe is the case and I can assure you that the Council and the CCG have worked hard to ensure that this has not been a tick box exercise and I will ask for a written response be prepared and provided to you to deal with a slightly more technical question about the numbers of people whose views are reflected in the report

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:40:55]

thank you Councillor Cohen artists
next question
questionnaire Easter behind subject to the question Stockport together consultation and again to Councillor Alex Ganotis thank you
what we'd lost
the analysis of the Stockport together consultation
brushed aside concerns about the aim of Stockport together to become an accountable care organisation that will provide care based on cost and not need are you not introduce an Americanisation of the NHS and social care by stealth by not spelling it out to the people of Stockport that the NHS is to be replaced by an organisation that will be able to make decisions about what care is free and what is to be paid for in view of the proposed increases to the cost of social care homes are right this is a massive issue there is no legal basis for accountable Care organisations that present the changes have not been agreed by Parliament in the retail judicial reviews taking place at the moment to look into these changes was supported by Professor Stephen Hawking should these concerns not be passed onto the people stop up by their own council representation representative sorry so that they can make a more informed decision about what will happen ultimately and not just about stage 2 changes
thank you Councillor notice

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 0:42:23]

thank you I'm afraid your question conflates the current and future elements of the Stockport together programme the current elements relate to models of care what you're talking about its organisational form in terms of the providers of Stockport's together
so let me try to disentangle the two issues for you it remains the aim of Stockport's together to create a single organisation to deliver health and care services for the local population there is much to be said for providing support to people in a holistic way not least because it confirms that public services see them as individuals not conditions but it also removes duplication and therefore cost which is another important reason why we're taking forward Stockport together now we are a long long way from realising that aid the currents for the current aspects of the consultation will not in themselves achieve that aim and we've been have been very open as a Cabinet about that
but before we realised that ultimate aim
a full process of due diligence detailed option appraisal and consultation would have to be completed in terms of forms of organisation and quite rightly given what is at stake but that is not what the current consultation or what we are currently working on is about this council will not do anything by stealth nor will it change the national approach to charging for care services the rules that determine what is free at the point of delivery or what can be charged for as set out in legislation and we will always comply with that legislation this Council abides by UK government rules not US government rules when the question of what type of organisation we need is to be addressed I can assure you that it will be carried out in full view will comply with the legislation of the day which caselaw may well amend in the coming months for example in relation to the developments that you've talks about in your question and will try to anticipate future government direction of travel should the long-awaited social care and health green paper be published by them

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:44:41]

thank you Councillor Ganotis No sorry you've had your response that's the end of that question that is the end that's the end of that question you've had your response
signed would you please you've had your response so that is it thank you
as we just gone well we're not we've got a few minutes I think we've got one minute 46 seconds left or onto the last question this is from Colin McAllister its subject is the A6 MLA and the question has been put to Councillor Kate Butler
thank you
thank you about a man who will be very brief is
as you may know about 40 thousand deaths a year are caused by air pollution related illnesses and Stockport has recently been highlighted in the news has been a black spots area various studies including one body Imperial College London of shown that road humps can leaching increases in air pollution particularly concentrations of small particulate matter and these studies have led the government to issue guide guidance to councils asking them not to implement new Lowton schemes without looking at all other options first
as part of the mitigating measures for the A6 to Manchester airport relief road the Council has installed rodents on Wheelers Lane and Andreas Lane and whilst a High Lane residents welcome the efforts to deter speeding and to prevent increased volumes of traffic on the roads many of them are actually surprised at the number and spacing of the rodents and are concerned about the possible impacts on Air pollution
will the Council agree to pause because of this the additional rodents on Hibbert Lane which is undertaken
until it has undertaken an analysis of the impacts of the rodents installed on Windows and Andrew's Lane and will the Council also agree to consider other less polluting methods of slowing down the traffic on these roads such as average speed cameras

[Cllr Kate Butler - 0:46:56]

thank you for your question Mr. McAllister and I appreciate you probably or you may not have been a Liberal Democrat candidate in Marple South ward for long enough to really understand some of the background here so where are our break it down so
you are referring to two completely separate schemes one that's finished and one that isn't the one that's finished undergone extensive consultation with local councillors and with the public
agreement was reached to go ahead the second one house people for and against it
both schemes were
designed for Thirty miles an hour
not 20 miles an hour so the designed to persuade and encourage motorists to maintain that speed so the vision in effect any slowing down of which you referred to I am nevertheless we will continue to look at all options the Council takes the issue of air quality very very seriously and I'm
well aware we're of many of the issues involved in these schemes
thanks to local Councillors particularly Councillor Downes and Kenny pestering sorry lobbying
on behalf of their that there was so thank you

2 b) Petitions and Presentations

thank you Councillor Butler that concludes the question public

[Cllr Kate Butler - 0:48:39]

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:48:41]

question Time we now move on to Item 2 point to petitions and

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:48:45]

presentations do any Councillors or members of the public wish to formally which formally to present any petitions for the Council's consideration

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:48:52]

thank you are now move on to Joint authorities do any Councillors wish to ask a question on the business of any of the Greater Manchester Waste disposal Authority

2 c) Joint Authorities

no thank you

3 Policy Framework and Budget

Greater Manchester police and Crime Panel do any Councillors wish to ask a question on the business of the Greater Manchester police and Crime Panel

2 c) Joint Authorities

thank you and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority any Councillors wishing to ask a question on the business of Greater Manchester Combined Authority or the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee
Councillor Johnson

[Cllr Oliver Johnstone - 0:49:34]

and your question is to
Councillor Taylor's
Transport for Greater Manchester thank you thank you Madam Mayor
Martin where when the Park and Ride was built in Hazel Grove it was met with a degree of scepticism from local residents Some describing it as a white elephant
however part of the positive case for the park and ride we were told was the potential to run different service models out of Hazel Grove along the A6 corridor I was therefore very disappointed to read that Stagecoach are abruptly adore it withdrawing the daytime x 90 to service due to the aggressive and unruly behaviour of passengers getting on or trying to get on in other areas of Stockport and Greater Manchester can Councillor Taylor therefore give me the assurance that he will pro at press T FGM and Stagecoach 2 to reinstate the full x 92 service and not allow criminal behaviour to dictate the access to public transport enjoyed by the law abiding majority thank you Madam Mayor

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:50:35]

thank you

[Cllr John Taylor - 0:50:40]

yes thank you thank you for the question these questions always intrigued me you wouldn't believe would you that Stagecoach had actually proposed this park and ride facility I remember Mr. Souter making an address at the current Manchester City ground before it became such
went after it had been built for the Games he came down there and he said I want one of these and it will be a private initiative and that's what happened is actually in some respects in competition with the car parking available at Hazel Grove station which obviously in practical terms from a customer point of view is also a Park and Ride facility what's happened recently with regards to the boss performance at the 1 9 2 is that lots of 1 9 Tues
were considered to be put into a scheme to run Express in the one in the North of Stockport and then start picking up in Manchester clearly the press reportage of this and actually I agree having only read the press reports this evening before I came in here previously been asked a question
by a member of the Labour Group and prepared in answer to him which basically accorded totally with what was written in the paper which is that the the Stagecoach
have chosen themselves to run a commercial service an experiment with the axe 90 2 and of discovered that that has two downside effects on the general public Wollny's that if used if you label something acts and people expect it to go quicker if it's actually travelling during the morning or evening rush hours those potential gains are effectively frittered away and what what stage Goacher retain its three early bosses in from Hazel Grove which will actually have the benefit of the X because they won't get clogged up in traffic and therefore they will deliver what Mr. Souter was hoping for when he initiated this idea coming the other way I'm a user of the 92
I can't get on the X so I'm I'm a user the 1 9 2
because I'm going coming in here I'm looking at the destination Board not the number so I'm sticking me hand out on a regular basis and this thing turns up when it gets close to have an axe in it and it's obviously not going to stop and I feel like around idiots and
the the way in which also this service has failed to achieve the ambitions of its commercial operator are that in practice what you get with the 9 2 2 1 9 2 is that you can sell our old and I keep wanting to call at 90 2
because it used to be on the Stockport Council
that that it actually functions in a completely different way to most bus services because the drivers around a such a frequent service that they don't have to keep stopping to be on time
the flow situation taking place there and the mainstream boss goes faster than you would expect because they play leapfrog up and down the Essex there are times when you get four at once and they are all plainly and the thing that annoys me about that is that you get on the first one and before it gets our pay or it can be the last of that streak in SSAFO so you don't actually know when it's come in just as much leapfrogging has gone on to say No I let you go back I'm going to catch the one at the back because it's going to gazump the lot of you so so that's a tiresome feature the 1 9 2 but it's not the sort of thing that I come down here making a fuss about but for the fact that the whole question but for the fact that the whole question is predicated on falsehood and Sue important levels 1 is that it's nothing to do with see FGM except that they get to know and transmit that information and the other one is that Mr. suitors ambitious model and I have no quarrel with an experiment that is drawing the right conclusions from your own experiment and taking it off the market that's what you guys believe it you know he's given it a world and he's let it go

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:54:53]

thank you Councillor Taylor
and Councillor Wyatt

[Cllr Suzanne Wyatt - 0:55:00]

my question is also to cancer time it's also about the one line 2
at the last Council meeting the Leader of the Council announced an extra two hundred and 40 3 million pounds from government to Transport for Greater Manchester I'd like to ask you as our representative to intercede with T FGM on behalf of Stockport residents now there will be some people in this Chamber who have heard me say this before because I've mentioned it a couple of times so let me explain conscious of Stepping Hill Hospital was atrocious parking I want strove round for 55 minutes trying to find a parking space I decided to take the hospital's advice and use the Park and Ride is the growth of facility also promoting our Local Plan
imagine my surprise to discover that the 1 9 2 18 buses an hour they are advertised travelling north along the A6 doesn't go into the hospital but it is counterpart coming southwards does go into the hospital
given that the 400 spaces in the Park and Ride is so under used and I usually passed it twice a week four-time four times a week twice a day four times a week and I've never seen its occupancy anything over more than about a hundred I can't imagine why T FGM doesn't offer the same level of service in both directions as it is those wishing to go into the hospital but living south of south of Stockport or east or west they have to get on the one line 2 at the park and ride get off but about Sainsbury's walk up the A6 and then walk up the access road but those in the other direction as a service that goes into the hospital grounds i've raised this as an issue it's here in our scrutiny and at our area committee when we'd be discussing the future Transport for Stockport eventually I was told by a senior officer that TEF GM says it's not economically or financially viable to have it going into the hospital northwards with this extra 240 3 million pounds to play with maybe you can do something about this ridiculous situation

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:57:02]

thank you Councillor Taylor

[Cllr John Taylor - 0:57:04]

thanks very much for the question that is actually the best question anybody's asked me since I've been doing this
well done Councillor Wyatt
well the answer is that I agree with the questionnaire but I would point out a couple of things there only details our point amounts anyway one is that t FGM don't actually regulate this matter to this extent and the second one is that just just to say this is generally with regards to FGM questions we have for Councillors on that body which cover the three major parties when I realised actually that the Heald Green ratepayers where out of the loop what I offered to do for them was to give them a bespoke service where I sent them briefings
and none on Sundays
what's implicit in that is that you have your own representatives on the TEF GM committed and on all of the sub-committees but by and large I expect those people to brief their relevant groups and therefore that I don't have to spend as much time on my feet here because obviously is everybody's very busy to get on with other business
so I hope you are happy with the answer to take it forward and I expect the support Stockport's other representatives on that committee when I do so

[Mayor Linda Holt - 0:58:32]

thank you Councillor Taylor and Councillor Pantall

[Cllr John Pantall - 0:58:37]

thank you Lord Mayor to Councillor Taylor who like myself is also a user of
public transport and we bump into each other on the train going intervention however we all all Members get details Councillor Taylor of bus service changes I think was very evident is sometimes there's been very little marketing service before someone decides particularly commercial operators that
is no longer viable particularly point out in the recent list the numbers 44 and 45 going into West Stockport Heald Green and the and the airport I don't use it but when I've seen to pass what it thought they empty and has always been no marketing and I wonder
whether to FGM in spite of its almost subsidising commercial operators might look at
doing more marketing and promotion to fill the gap which the commercial operators
now make it's often I think there is a feeling that they don't actually want to run and run a service and its counter-terror knows Madam Mayor
in recent years we've lost the
directorates from Cheadle unique to Manchester airport and if you look at the figures for use of bus transport to reach Manchester airport the very low compared to other airports we lost the service direct to Wythenshawe Hospital a lot of people tell you so I think there's a marketing need and if TF GM could contribute to that and getting wider public understanding I think it would be helpful

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:00:20]

[Cllr John Taylor - 1:00:21]

thanking Councillor Taylor
yes I am very sorry about this but I've got really bad news for Councillor Pantsil because I'm reading here off a script which says that come April Services 40 40 40 5 will we be moved south at Parrs Wood Road passengers in Burns village mosque new can style Road are expected to migrate to local link services now of all the changes in the pipeline there are by the way a better say a load of changes in the pipeline for bus services in Stockport
taking effect at the end at the end of this month they mostly critics small and mostly
changing early morning services rush hour service was bought by a small amount and I think Stagecoach are doing that I don't know this but my surmise because over a period of time the the running times according with the timetable may well have got out of drift through real work so extra traffic or whatever and they try to reharmonised at sunset but that is these guys in a set of major changes which is what I've got in front of me here of which the the deletion of the 44 and 45
and then everywhere south of what what is effectively Burnage rail station that is is is planned to take effect in April and the as I said that migrate to local link services now I don't think that's an adequate replacement I think you have to go back again to say that until we implement the Bus Bill we cannot effectively do anything about that what she FGM is Guy is a binary choice which is that we either accept those cuts and do nothing
actually added to the binary choice 3 now the doing what they say is the remit is the mitigation measure which is to get people to phone up for a Local Links service which is already in place
the other one is to actually wait until we've got the powers to actually make it possible to integrate all of these systems into an integrated fare system and an integrated transport system on the route obviously people are not particularly discomfited if they can tie into the train station network cause because the certainly the Apple services covering four stations of which two are in Stockport so from that point of view I was really surprised to see these changes and I don't welcome them and I just think that in the short term
whilst we can and should
certainly the bus Committee O C FGM is meeting tomorrow and I expect the people on that from this Chamber are not one of them to actually raise that issue on my behalf if you like so I'm going a bit me own back now in terms of delegated to people that
that needs to be looked at quite clearly needs to be looked at and Councillor Pantall for once I am ahead of him even though I'm often on the same bus and train thank you

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:03:21]

thank you Councillor Taylor

3 Policy Framework and Budget

it's all the questions and we are now moving on to Item 3 the policy framework and budget

3 a) Council Tax and Business Rates Discounts Annual Review

I call on Councillor David Sedgwick to present the report and to move the recommendation

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 1:03:38]

thank you very much Madam Mayor
this is a report which comes to the Council Chamber
on an annual scheme
which highway the Council Tax Plan but also with business rates plan but also what discounts are available and what we can support
so within the report itself
funding arrangement set out mainly cover in business rates and also the discounts were child available for avail as well
section forfeited Section 6 goes on to talk about council tax on the Council Tax discount scheme as well and we're offended I want to talk about a couple of areas just within the report because they have been discussed in this Chamber and I think of a couple of them are happening in the news as well
the moment
first of all care leavers colleagues will recall March 17th and we agreed to exempt
care leavers from council tax liability
for Vause up to 21 year olds 21 years old or up to 20 five or fewer in full time education
was supported unanimously by the Chamber and I think that's absolutely the right thing to do so is included here on Section 5 point seven
in terms of another topical point and Universal credit colleagues may be aware and the roll out for universal credit and Stockport
it has been pushed towards the end of a year now
within the report the report or recommendation and that suggests we move
the time period for making a claimant council tax support from a month to six weeks colleagues B. it's been highway at the National Press button sure colleagues will be aware
the time period for making a claim for universal credit even payment can be up to six weeks no despite the fact that within the job said of it as a customer
support person who is via to support people when they are going through the process to fill an old
people maybe people who may slip through the net to make them aware that they can get a claimant for Council Tax support at the same time so the report recommends that we extended from one month to six weeks and again I think that's the right thing to do some people
and financially
by the changes and also in terms of discretionary support there always has been a discretionary fund in place are set way for the past four years or so
and which we have set aside a hundred thousand pounds to support
who for whatever reason Council Tax support council tax discount will apply
a number of reasons why people may need extra support for Council Tax
on balance the VOP is currently 59 thousand pounds the record proposes that we increase that back to a hundred thousand pounds as per last year as well
and finally I just want to see a bit about
the empty homes scheme as well as last year and we received
unanimous support in the budget I think a big part of that was the fact that we brought in and we reviewed this Scouts sorry
of the discounts available for empty homes and various a continuation of I think that's had a positive impact not just in terms of how quick Holmes of turned around in the market but at the same time I also think it's encouraged
residents to claim the right level amount of discount which is obviously always welcome so I am happy to formally move
the points set out
Part 9 of the report and welcome recommendations like

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:07:53]

thank you Council etc. I now call on Councillor Alex Ganotis to second

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:07:57]

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:07:59]

the motion thank you seconder reserve equal rights thank you any amendments
any comments
it's not agreed
thank you

4 Leader's Report and Cabinet Question Time

item for Leader's report and Cabinet question Time

4 a) Cabinet Business

Point 1 The Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Councillors will report on the conduct of Cabinet business since the last Council meeting
in addition to the Leader of the Council Councillors Butler Magee and Cedric also wish to speak so and I move to Councillor notice thank you

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:08:38]

thank you
can I start by paying tribute to Councillor Kieran Quinn so what I've worked with very closely and I was deeply shocked by his death he was only 50 seven years old says The my thoughts and I'm sure those are the Full Council go out to his family and friends and you'll be why that the Chief Executive NI over Christmas and provided a formal statement on behalf of the Council he is deeply committed to Tameside and indeed Greater Manchester just two weeks before his death in our gave a joint presentations will commit to a meeting on the work of the Combined Authority and it was very clear from Cairns contributions that meeting how proud he was of the role that he played in making the Combined Authority what it is today and how excited he was about what the next few years had installed in terms of us meeting our ambitions here in Greater Manchester and the main
news of significance this week for the Council and indeed nationally as a course Corrillian going into liquidation Councillor Sedgwick is going to talk about that in some depth in his statements I don't want you to think that are not covering it he will cover it but I want to focus in this statement here on the Budget specifically updates since the last full Council meeting in terms of our consultations on on the budget
the Cabinet meeting in December signed off on it just about all aspects of the Non pooled budgets proposals you'll be aware that the main one which we didn't agree that evening related to parking charges and I made a commitment at the last full Council meeting that we would engage with Members across the Council and with interested bodies and people across Stockport on these proposals that is what we have been doing and will continue to do we are determined to come up with a proposal which is both fair stands up to scrutiny and can command wide support whilst still meeting our objectives of driving more income into the Council but of course in a way that would not hamper the economic viability of the town centre and district centres and we continue to work very hard on that
let me just talk to you about some very serious budgetary issues that we are going to have to where I'm going to have to work on with with colleagues and with officers between now and next month next month's budget you'll be aware especially members on CRMG that at the end of every Kauser this year we have recorded deficits in the children Young Peoples budgets and this is largely due to ever increasing numbers of children who are being looked after by the local authority and huge increases in the price of residential care and we have to look after those children we have to pay those prices we have no option as results of that that they want to report to you that we are currently forecasting an outturn deficits this financial year for that portfolio or four million pounds
so that's big
we believe we can work hard to try to plug that 4 million pounds between now and the rest are at the end of the year by looking at one off resources elsewhere in the council non cash limit budgets money in other budgets to plug that 4 million pounds and it's something that I think we can do but it does mean that we have to be really honest about the Budget that we provide so children young people for the next financial year what we can't do is set a budget for next year that in all honesty we think will be breached we have to set a Budget that we think that we know is a balanced budget and that we have confidence can continue to meet our needs so as well as finding the money to plug that 4 million pounds outturn deficit this year in that portfolio we are looking to increase the children Young family budget for next year that's the revenue budget so that we can have greater confidence which we don't currently have that we can meet these challenges next year which are only likely to grow
so we're working on that at the moment when we have further updates are provided that we can also have a more in depth conversation about this that CRMG next week
in terms of the pooled budget
specifically for adult social care
again major pressures there again quarterly deficits but not on the scale of the children's now
we are not proposing to increase that budget for next year we think we can manage it within the budget that we have already set for Adult social Care but Sue things I want to provide our wants to
update you on first and or contacts the question earlier about charging
we are also seeing increased charges in providers one seeing increasing charges the Council for the provision of home care and residential services and it's important that we meet those needs as far as possible because of course build sensitive as pariahs leave the market and will leave people vulnerable and they don't care get the care that they need and of course we're committed to decents terms and conditions and a good catch also for providers so we are at least a report went to
Scrutiny earlier in the week but we are looking to increase
what we spend on residential contracts and also home care contracts as a Council so that we can better manage those pressures and make sure that people are better catered for we think it will cost about one and a half million pounds extra we think we can manage it within the current budget that is also something that we're working on but this is all about making sure that the most vulnerable people in Stockport are catered for and provided for financially as best as it is Council possibly can
just a word on pay you will be aware that the government had a 1 percent pay cap for Local government which some of which many Members in this
the Chamber campaigned against the lower the Local government employers have made a new pay off
a new pay offer to local staff to the unions for this year and next year which is 2 percent 2 percent this year and Sue percent next year and the offer includes look at revising the spine point on which pay is based next year
is the most immediate pressure therefore is a 2 percent pay increase this year it's not being funded by government so we're going to have to fund that from existing resources and the Stockport that will be an extra piece of between 9 hundred thousand and 1 million pounds now this is an offer that is currently with the unions so it's not been formally agreed but it's important that we are prepared for any eventuality so in terms of our financial modelling we are proceeding on the assumption that Sue percent will be implemented obviously very very good news for local government stuff it's not enough actually in terms of what they deserve as we have discussed previously but I'm just I'm just coming at this from a financial perspective that we are going to have to find again the extra money from existing resources
you will also be aware in the EU will maybe where that the in the Government's Provisional Local government Settlement announced just before Christmas that we can increase Council Tax by a further 1 percent without going to a referendum so it was four-point 9 9 percent it's now 5 point 9 9 percent and it's clear from that that the government is increasingly expecting
shortfalls in Local government spending to be made up by residents themselves through their Council Tax when we've had a long debate amongst the should set about what an unfair form of taxation that is
I've also talk to you about how the fact that the government never explicitly talk about how much local government has been caught by De talk about spending power and that spending Power assumes you run you increase the council tax by the maximum amount allowed without a referendum so if we don't raise council tax by four-part 5 point 9 9 percent next year then our spending power that the government calculates is actually more than what is in reality
we really do not want to increase council tax by another percent firstly because our proves he talks about how we need to avoid this how it said how its increasing the burden on our residents and it's an unfair form of taxation but of course I've just set out extra financial challenges
so I just want to give you an assurance that I am working with officers to do everything that we can to accommodate all of these extra financial pressures and indeed the existing ones we've talks about within the four-point 9 9 percent
council size proposal that we have come up with I can't guarantee it I may come back to the bad news but I am very very focused on keeping a four-point 9 percent or under someone asking me a question at Budget Council last week last year sorry saying are you are you are you raising it by this amongst the most you can get away with the right without a referendum and I said no because I wouldn't want to increase it any further because it's unfair and that remains my position
I should also point out that it's not just four-point 9 9 percent there are also the Mayoral Precepts and you'll be aware that as part of the provisional local government settlement the government announced that the police precept can go up from 5 percent a year for Band D property Tetsworth sorry from 5 pounds a year to 12 pounds so it's clear that the government is seeing the response to continued funding pressures in police
as increasing that precepts so I am conscious of course that we need to look at not just what the four-point 9 percent 9 percent of the Council Tax rises but what it looks like in totality to residents so I want to give you an assurance and finally time he's out but you know it's like ours where well on with preparations for Swansea nineteen twenty Budget which I am happy to take questions on as everyone else

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:18:49]

I now move to Councillor Kate Butler

[Cllr Kate Butler - 1:18:59]

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:19:00]

[Cllr Kate Butler - 1:19:02]

thank you Madam now and I've got a few and issues to just base 3 it is the firstly on and that doctors like to say thank you to everybody who came down to the
launch in November seems like quite a long time ago now
please to report the deadlock is now 90 percent let
tenants are reporting better than expected trading figures and delight actually report that this is the most successful opening they've had and if you haven't seen the press reports we have not had the e-mail jet and just to make sure that it is aware that new tenant Barreto lounge opens on the 24th Jan next week not good news for those of us on the LDF working party but maybe we can speed things long on that night and they'll be swiftly followed by The Gym Group opening soon after
the holiday and celebrated its first birthday in December it still performing really really well and frequently fully booked and customer feedback and ranks as one of the best in the whole of Europe and and
I think it's just worth mentioning how well it is doing and I also wanted to commend the hardware as well as wishing her a happy birthday and commend it on some of its central
corporate social responsibility activities I am not sure if Members know that the hotel works very closely with The Seashell trust and young adults with complex and severe learning difficulties they go to the hotel midweek mornings these me to help with the breakfast Service as part of their work experience and quickly on to Aurora
Rovers now complaint
six of the units are 100 percent committed and their strong interest in the remaining units and rents are still comparing extremely favourably with units at the airport of a similar nature payment is made
and you will have received
e-mail earlier in the week from the corporate director with an update on St Mary's Way
I hope you find those e-mails useful and as we're nearing completion of that particular scheme and I note that back those updates will get to you weekly
just onto
the City Life awards of being announced that it will the nominees for the City Life Food and drink Awards have been announced and of the five shortlisted restaurants in the best restaurant category two of them are from Stockport I think anybody would be particularly surprised to hear that those two restaurants are where the light gets in and the allotment and if you'd like to vote for them if you'd like to encourage other people to vote for them and a quick Google of city life
Food and drink Awards world we will give you the link I am Bramall hole worn at the 2 thousand and seven teen Regional Institute of historic Building Conservation award it was one of only four North West projects that shortlisted the judges praised all aspects of the work and highlighted that it was the project team behind it that made the difference and
made the Panel decided to give the ward to Bramhall whole so I hope you will join me in congratulating that team that worked extremely hard
Work and skills commission
work is starting on that was launched at started this year the website is up and running for workshops are scheduled and all the information is on the Work and skills Commission website
and given us a little bit more time than I thought I might have just a quick word about The Strawberry Studios exhibition
in Stockport and you say it's been the most successful exhibition that the museum has ever hosted and it has been so successful and so popular that we're going to extend it by a month so it'll be running until the end of February
if you haven't already gone are really urge you to go and I think for first-time visitors as quite an eye-opener and for second third and fourth time visitors like me
something new every time ago and the Mayor mentioned
the unveiling of the James Conway memorial at Mount Tabor just before Christmas it was an exceptionally
I don't know how to describe it really but it was it was a wonderful event it was very very moving it was beautifully thought-out by the organising team behind and
we did put some publicity out after the event just to make sure that we gave earn the contractors George Cox some credit for the work that they did pro bono on the memorial and I would just like to repeat I think all of our thanks for the work that they did and

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:24:59]

thank you Councillor I now call on Councillor McGee

[Cllr Tom McGee - 1:25:02]

but may I would be delighted to know that I said all I need to do about flu vaccination of the outbreak

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:25:09]

thank you very much that is very short and sweet cause havoc I thank you
and now Councillor
such Rick

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 1:25:17]

thank you very much Madam Mayor
firstly couple updates from me first of all
I think colleagues several obvious we know
about the difficulties but Caribbean have faced over the past few months obviously came to a head
on Monday when the liquidators were called out called N
so I just want to update colleagues on the current position because I see no Stockport Council has a number of contracts
what that means
I think you've dealt with my ramblings for long enough to know about prefer not to read the statement
read from notes but Annecy best case given
the commercial sensitivity I do think it's best to read this and Rafa van return from so one-tenth of Caribbean itself we know it's for your keys second largest construction facilities Management property management company employees 44 thousand people globally and key national supplier for public services not just for Stockport and were placed into liquidation on Monday the 15th January 20 18 the company a group within Corrillian has around a hundred and 50 companies where for itself
that are certain parts of the company to deliver services to the public sector and continued to trade through and are now being managed by Price Waterhouse Cooper on behalf of the official receiver that has not been any interruption to services delivered to the Council by Corrillian staff however there are concerns about a supply of sudden contract with Corrillian and whether they will continue to undertake the civil works I think we have one of the things I think it has been reported in the press as
the VES Board just affect Corrillian there will be a knock-on effect beyond that for local suppliers mainly small businesses
alongside the employees was ever people whose fault I
and my thoughts are with because it will continue to have a knock-on knock-on effect beyond
and the Council has a contingency plan that focuses on a number of key areas including urgent actions but may need to be taken by the Council to be in a state of readiness to ensure continuation of services over Carillion has entered liquidation
we are collating all information regarding a contract worth Corrillian MBS 1 are subsidiaries as well as other contracts we have heeded stock board to fully understand the kind of possession
the Council was taking legal advice and has been for some time given the profit warnings had been issued on all aspects of the situation regarding the contractual obligations and the business continuity issues this includes the financial position regarding monies that have already been paid out for what's carried out but where control contract providers have not been paid and potentially for contracts and which are which faces effect effects and all of us are paid directly through the Council systems and we will just again because of a commercial sensitivity we will be able to discuss this in more detail but CNNgo Chooseday wherever it is with an agenda has been placed on
onto the agenda
we are in regular dialogue with company directors Acura women who work on the Stockport Council contract who remained the point of contact for us and the continued delivery of services where keeping a very close watch on the impact of decisions elsewhere of a career working group to assess their impact and ever contract with Corrillian NBS
colleagues will appreciate that this is a complex picture and information is still filtering out or saw way I felt it was important to make a statement on the current position where in contact with the Cabinet Office to ensure that a waiter for possible and part of decisions as they are made it is a confidential report as I mentioned coming to CMG next week to discuss a common position in more detail Councillors will also be aware that much of the detail was confidential as I've said on commercially sensitive
but be assured as a Cabinet Member of having regular briefings and updates from senior officers and savannahs Caribbean possession
well and as I mentioned be able have perhaps a more frank discussion about the current position and what it means on Tuesday night and I look forward to that I dare say how quick events are moving we probably will have an update on that as well so
the case
some better news in this instance I just wanted to give an update on the Library possession and where we're up to
in March 20 17 the Executive passed proposals which would see a Capital Programme photo libraries of half a million pounds
what colleagues are aware of the work that is going on in their local libraries Members have been informed of Essex had been copied into the e-mail
but there are three current libraries are closed for essential maintenance mainly Maintenance around electrical and structural issues when I took over this portfolio
one of the first things I was greeted with
my meetings with senior officers at the time was a large ring bone folder of the detail of the condition of a number of our libraries it clearly hadn't been maintained properly for a long time so as capital programme aims to address spot and take and take it to the next level because we are at risk
but further improvements planned as well so great more has been closed from Monday 8th and sought as high away and they will not reopen in February Cheadle him caused on Monday the 15th a novel reopen on Monday 19th bread pudding library is due to a clause from the 12th February 8 for up to seven weeks
and I'm sure that colleagues will very much welcome
welcome back news with the works are being carried out and we have also carried out a number of repairs because VI I G proposals particularly at Reddish where there's been a reefer and to improve the facilities there and we have also plans to replace the shelving furniture and way out of Central Library just down the road and as we move towards digital by design phase 2 we also have funding available to replace the
the self-service kiosks we also have funding to replace and refresh of a library spaces as well and we are also upgrading the public PCs and also installing wireless printing as well and I just wanted to give colleagues an update on the Library position and very good news on that front I'm sure you'll agree and
I'm looking forward to the meeting on Tuesday where we can discuss the

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:32:54]

trillion a issue in more detail when thank you thank you Councillor etc
and we now move on to Item 4 point to questions Councillors may ask each Cabinet Council up to four questions this is to include supplementary questions requesting clarification of the answer to a previous question and any questions should not exceed three minutes in length Members are reminded that there is an opportunity later on the summons to make comments or make statements on Cabinet business so other firstly any questions on Cabinet business for Councillor Alex Ganotis
Councillor Hunter

[Cllr Mark Hunter - 1:33:29]

I kind of say first of all I welcome the comments made by the Leader of the Council of the Bar Council Cedric regarding chameleon
nothing less than we'd expected in the serious circumstances I have no doubt will continue to monitor closely and make sure all members of the Council are kept informed about progress cannot say with particular regard to unpaid subcontractors especially
remarks on the on what Councillor Gulati said regarding the budget might amount to save for the Budget Council meeting in a few weeks' time a lot of issues to address in the

4 b) Questions

bigger picture regarding the Budget challenge faced by this Council but they want to ask him specifically about comments made regarding the proposals to increase car parking charges by a hundred and 50 percent and I say this because as he will be well aware it's calls to an awful lot of angst to say the least in the community I think these are already shades apparently of the black bins fiasco we had last year when there was a proposal announced by the Labour administration to reduce the frequency of the black bin collection and troops 4 March the top of the hill only to be marched back down again shortly afterwards when it became clear that the public wouldn't stand for it I'm afraid I don't think it will come as news team to understand that the public are not going to stand for the increase in car parking charges that is proposed ostensibly as part of the budget proposals this year introducing a new minimum charge for two hours from 50 to 50 patents where it's now 20 pounds is as I say a hundred and 50 percent increase on I think this is a misguided move in the current climate it is a kick in the teeth for residents and for shopkeepers alike and it will lead what are the consequences no doubt will be if these charges are increased along the lines being suggested it will lead to more on-street parking to the great consternation and frustration of many residents who already have to put up with this in an account for unaccountable reasons it causes massive problems as it is and although I understand the pressures on the budget I think this is an entirely misguided entirely wrong headed move it's a double whammy for the small traders for the shopkeepers and small businesses in our District centres that are already struggling with a combination of high business rates and in many cases dwindling footfall and what our district centres need most is help and support not other measures that are going to make life more difficult for them it's absolutely crucial that we do everything we can stop what is a borough made up of district centres as well as the Town Centre no one more proud of the achievements on the town centre and my colleagues which was going forward but District Council has more than three minutes
the stakeholder meeting the question is are you were shut thank you are you ashamed that at the stakeholder meeting called by this Council last week despite their tenants of Conservative and Liberal Democrat members and many stakeholders not a single representative from the Labour Group attended if you not you should

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:36:52]

thank you Councillor C and artists

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:36:54]

thank you my Lord Mayor just firstly made the point that what residents absolutely need to be aware of what they should be very angry about is Local Government's financing as you know we have to deal with 50 million pounds less from government between now and 20 20 and updates to increase demand pressures it means 60 million pounds up to 20 20 Sue
so let me just make the point that these annual budgets are going to get progressively more and more difficult more and more controversial as indeed they have every year since 20 10
it's going to be a nightmare quite frankly to balance the budget every year over the next three to four years in a way that ensures that we continued support fence in the centre of everything that we do undertake resonance with us it's going to get more and more difficult and as I have previously said increasing revenue into this Council is a very very important way of mitigating the impact of those budgetary issues on services on parking specifically
we have been engaging since the last full Council meeting with individuals with groups with Members across this Council intently
cabinet members have been involved in lots of these meetings and have been pushing for these meetings to be organised
and have been very very engaged in feedback that we have been receiving there was no one present at that particular meeting that is true but the point of that meeting was too for the council to listen to the concerns and alternative proposals made by the people attending and the meeting achieved its subjects it because that was the purpose of that meeting it wasn't for the Cabinet to defend or go over the same ground because we've done that it was to listen to those people and what's reported that meeting has been fed back as I say we are responsible for arranging that meeting and we have been involved in lots of other engagement once again I am not naive and I can do the maths where a minority administration we cannot pass a Budget on our own we need to work with other Members we need to propose a budget that people can be broadly happy with this is clearly the one aspects of significant disagreement across the Chamber I get that it remains our case that we want to increase revenue into this Council and we are committed to that from car parking but to do it in a fair way that doesn't and undermine the economic vitality the term central district centres and will actually enhance it and that doesn't cause the congestion that you have referred to so that's the nub of the issue how you achieve that revenue in a way that doesn't cause those negative consequences we are listening to what people are saying to us we are reflecting on the feedback we've already started coming up with some thoughts ourselves about how to start addressing them and will continue to do that so no I'm not ashamed at all in fact I am very proud of the way we have put out these proposals and how we have consulted and engaged with people to date

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:40:23]

[Cllr Mark Hunter - 1:40:25]

thank you Councillor artists cancer Hunter
the Council not just seems to be under a misapprehension that it's the job of local residents to come up with budgets solutions are his administration I don't understand why you should think that it clearly isn't and how we say the purpose of the meeting was to listen to the views of stakeholders when you couldn't be bothered to ensure anybody from your own group was there I think is frankly a pretty poor example of listening to what the community has got to say

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:40:52]

Councillor notice

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:40:53]

well I've just the point where you have actually been engaging with lots of residents and groups ourselves directly there was no one from the Cabinet at present out of that particular meeting I grant you that but we have heard everything that was said at that meeting it has been fed back to us but
let your mind as to what you want we put out a proposal there that was our proposal we still believe that that proposal was robust we've not suddenly panic thinking it's a load of rubbish we still think it's the right proposal but we're not naive as to think that we can continue with those proposals if it's going to be voted down or of course if it is if there's not no other objective open to us now
so we committed to go out and listen to people
what would have happened if I said listen see it but don't come up with alternatives because I'm not interested in alternatives that's Manager will just listen to your moaning just listen to how it will affect you well know we want to listen to everything that people said and actually if people make proposals to us that work actually there the best proposals because we can say that these are the fairest proposals and in fact the extent they had actually come from the public actually I think that's to our strength so it remains the case that we do feel that the original proposals are robust and achieve that balance between revenue and
economic vitality but if there are better ways of doing that or if indeed people feel it won't work then we're lessons so we are listening to people we are not shutting of proposals for alternatives and actually some of the best some of the best proposals actually come from people
who are directly affected by a particular proposal so so I'm I am very happy with how this is being conducted to date you may not like the proposals but I think the process we followed them way we've engaged to daters is actually very good

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:42:43]

thank you castanon artists and Councillor Hatfield

[Cllr Paul Robert Hadfield - 1:42:49]

thank you Mr. Mayor the largest construction project for regeneration is currently being constructed in Stockport the A6 MARR
the vital Road has been in the pipeline for 25 years and links to remaining sections of dual carriageway to the airport relieving surrounding roads of congestion and opening up huge investment in the region can the Leader of the Council give assurances to joint venture contractor Morgan Sindall we'll be taking full responsibility for completion of the A6 MARR road contracts and there will be no additional payment required in addition to the originally agreed and tendered rates can he also give assurances are taxpayers of Stockport will not be left to foot additional costs now the joint partner Carillion has gone into liquidation
thank you

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:43:33]

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:43:35]

thank you can I just clarify is your question solely in the context of the liquidation of Carillion
okay well our contracts with it with the joint venture the joint vertical af af Corrillian Morgan Sindall so we're not contracted with Corrillian where contracts with that joint venture so legally
the liquidation of The killing does not make a difference to that in practice
and in terms of actual costs
i'm not comfortable having I'm not comfortable having discussing that further in this particular meeting publicly but I will make sure that it's part of our conversation at CRMG on Tuesday I welcome to attend that meeting as a member of this Council the points you raise are very very valid and important ones it's just because the sensitivity of the issues I don't want to give as much of an answer to that question is I think it deserves in this particular meeting

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:44:33]

thank you Councillor Lloyd

[Cllr Syd Lloyd - 1:44:38]

thank you Mr. Mayor trance Mike ask my question in less time than Councillor undertook to us to ask its cause is questioned and can I just go back to the car parking issue
I mean yes there were no members your Group
actually at that meeting what we did was talked to officers and members of the public did about the way forward and about that we want to sit down with you and actually talk about how we might make some sensible suggestions about how we could do that we were offered that then two days later on driving on the motorway and an announcement on the Stockport Council put new proposals out the parking not for the District centres for others if you're going to if you are going to engage with them should at least let us have the meeting we've got a meeting organised with Councillor Baillie in the next few days to do that but we haven't sat down you yet and given you some our views about how specifically we think you can make
the money that you require in a different way there are many more ways to skin a cap you haven't given us a chance yet to sit down with you and go through that in detail

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:45:34]

thank you Councillor notice

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:45:37]

in relation to the
the Town Centre proposals that there is a report going to scrutiny
next week which sets out a revised approach to the town centre has not been published it's been it's no big publishers in that part of Maybury for consideration you are right in terms of the District's senses more work still is needed I think we are further behind with a district centres in terms of bringing this resolution and where we are with the term sensor so yes we do need to take you up on those suggestions and those meetings do need to take place so I will ensure that they do happen
within a short space of time

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:46:14]

thank you

[Cllr Syd Lloyd - 1:46:18]

councillor just
can follow what was Alex that that the report was issued before we had a chance to sit down with you mean we have some ideas including are also on the and town centre that we wanted to share with you but you published report we come and talk and the next day but it's been published by officers the point we're making is that we think that was pretty unfair that you should do that when we're offering to help you

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:46:39]

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:46:41]

yeah so that it remains a proposal where we're not we have not yet said that's what we're going to take until the alternative proposal we have not yet said that that's what we're going to take forward to Cabinet on the 6th of February the important thing is the Cabinet meeting on the 6th of February and having confidence in our approach to that meeting so we do need to have confidence in terms of District Centre Parking that we have engaged with sufficient engaged with all Members who wants to meet with us on these proposals I did speak to Councillor Baillie about this through the night and she was very keen to tell me about a programme of engagement that she's working up with various Members and sends a particular car parks so if you haven't heard from her yet you will

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:47:21]

clearly loudly
thank you Councillor panel

[Cllr John Pantall - 1:47:26]

thank you Lord Mayor
Councillor Nash I think
this problem of government to pushing costs onto local government has been going on much longer than 2 thousand and 10 we used to call it cost shunting
and as long as I can remember
speaking there and I think one of the things we've got to look ahead
to collectively by the Council is the long term figures you mentioned and working towards towards zones you I know at budget time we get caught on
some of the smaller items with impact on local residents but longer term I think this issue but wouldn't you agree that to at least one problem you don't have because of the prudence of the former Lib Dem administrations is any Private Finance Initiative
how many authorities in Greater Manchester don't have the Private Finance Initiative is built but when I'm an elder in Tameside next no doubt they'll be explaining to me but you know Stockport found other ways the Lib Dem administration a minority administration part of time Giorgio times did find ways of doing without Tony Blair's favourite favourite approach

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:48:48]

thank you Councillor Carter

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:48:51]

and thank you
what I will say is we don't face the challenges on PFI that other councils
face and there are of course got that that God is a relief it's not necessarily the pipe PFI
in itself has caused financial issues fought for councils I think that there are a number of contracts which perhaps shouldn't have been signed and that would work weren't signed with long-term consequences in view the point you make about long term locked the long-term position of a local government financing is a very good one yes it is the case that for far too long
council Tax is played to bigger role in financing of The Local government but of course over the past
eight years or so it's become an ever-increasing proportion of the Council's income as a result of funding cuts now we do my view is we need an overhaul of this we need an overhaul of this the the current system is not sustainable
parties of all stripes have failed to address the issue of council tax and fairness in local taxation that's that's absolutely right
one thing I will mention is this the government has recently announced has recently published a Local government Fair funding settlements and that is currently out to consultation
and it's actually very comprehensive in terms of the questions that are asked the questions are I think two things to ask if you're going to ask the right questions and make sure that you engage seriously with the answers that you get on that I've been working with officers on the pass over the past few days on the Council's response to that consultation should be no surprises in terms of what we play its part in there in terms of a fair settlement for local government recognise the increased financial pressures but if the government has issued this all encompassing consultation and it's called the Fair funding settlement consultation and I think with a view to implementation in 20 20 because there are questions there about what we think that business rates model should be from 20 20 onwards the government has to engage with this so I welcome the consultation I encourage people to engage with it fully but it does put the onus back on the government to look at a fair settlement for local government it is my view and I've said this before that local government has been the hardest hit part of the public sector since 20 10 far more than the NHS but local but doesn't get the coverage and that it deserves and that and I've said that before locums out I'll continue to say that but I agree with you on that point about the long-term approach we can't carry on like this every year

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:51:24]

thank you Councillor Light

[Cllr John Pantall - 1:51:29]

[Cllr Syd Lloyd - 1:51:31]

thank you about a man my third question

[Cllr John Pantall - 1:51:35]

thank you for
coming to my Lord Mayor thank you to respond so I think we also probably get got to get our local MPs to engage in supporting this process in recognising the reality but it might come back to the formulae in whole in children's services this again has been a long standing
when I was Chair of social Services we used to talk about out of area placements which were very expensive and the bills
in been increasing and I just wondered how Council cannot issue see the role of
the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Partnership in actually finding ways to
at least limit the cost of these placements I know some come from the courts they short notice but we been attempting I think for many years to try and
we can't limit the costs but we can try and find collaborative ways of
capping them and maybe GM you know is the way to do it

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:52:46]

African artists

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:52:48]

thanks I think would actually see what aspects so adjusting your question one is what we can do on our own as a Council and the second is the point about Greater Manchester now so as I say we're focusing on four million pound deficit that doesn't mean that we are where we are increasing the budget for next year by 4 million pounds and we can't afford to do that anyway it's a combination of increased budget next year and also looking at what we can do as a Council to bring down those revenue costs now as part of the Budget documentation it's not something that we can finalise insert time for the budget with the Budget documentation recognises the significant issues in children's services that will continue to grow and we have set out a plan and it's a big piece of work that Councillor fosters leading on which is how we can as far as possible bring down the costs of the services and specifically residential provision for looked after children within the Council one of the key things that we're pressing ahead with is actually using capital money to build a children's home in Stockport starting off with one but hopefully to go further now that's good for the children because it's better to keep children here in Stockport than to send them out of the borough unless of course as a child protection reason as to why they
needs to go out to the borough so it's good for those children and of course
being directly contracted by the Council in terms of providing of those supports or being directly or services provided or approved by the Council is is is preferable but also importantly it's cheaper because of course we can use our capital powers and we can we can run homes of that nature at a lower cost we believe than the private sector this is not knocking the quality of private provision it's just saying that we believe that we can do some of these things that are lower cost so we do have a plan in place we need to go much further in terms of proposals that we can work with to bring down those costs but that in itself won't be enough in terms of the Greater Manchester it's a really interesting question because technically this is an area of devolution but we are bidding as Greater Manchester to the government for a package of support and in return for that talking about how we can do things more cheaply in Greater Manchester and more effectively so we're putting in bids for more sport which focus to consult more than I can
about this issue but there is also proposal for children's services across Greater Manchester would to work much more closely together including in constructing and learning from best practice from one another because I think there is a lot that we can learn across across Greater Manchester so we are doing I believe as much as we can to bring down those costs in a way that maintains or even enhances provision for thoughtful children and I do think that that's going to actually be quite a big workstream for the Combined Authority over the next probably six to nine months

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:55:34]

thank you Councillor Light

[Cllr Syd Lloyd - 1:55:38]

became a map last question is back to the Budget relief if I could
when the GM Mayor was muted electric motors muted it was or obviously tied in with the fight the PCC would
b demise basically so therefore the GM Mayor's budget would be fairly cost neutral in terms of always able Tony Lloyd budget was no longer needed the GM Mayor would say there will be some difference in costs but I'm here now that the new GM Mayor saying that it needs a considerable amount of new money to run his office which seems to be running into the millions of pounds are you in any way able to confirm or deny this and can you throw some light on this unexpected potential demand

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:56:18]

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:56:19]

so the Mayor does have the power to set a precept that goes beyond his or the precept pilot powers which are extension of had before Wiltshire police and fire so yes the Mayor can set a precept
to pay for general mayoral functions I think the key area of spend here over the next three years is probably bus reform because it will be expensive to get that in place and to achieve the reforms that that that we need but there are other but also other costs which pass from councils and the Combined Authority to the mess specifically as results of the of the devolution arrangement so there are a number of things which the go beyond police and fire that the Mayor is now solely responsible for which will require funding either or inefficiency and there are precept there's also the levies on the Councils in terms of what funds the Combined Authority but a number of models there
the mayoral office
does cost money and I want to give Councillor Lloyd an assurance that I am working very hard
with colleagues to ensure that whatever that narrow precepts is is value for money it can be properly defended and its costs cautioned suit the Mayor are minimised as far as possible I've just been talking about austerity and the and how difficult things are for the Council in my view no aspects of the public sector should be exempt from that we should all face austerity or none of us should faced austerity
I will give you an assurance that I am doing what I can and not that the Mayor's proposed anything outrageous by the way but I am very conscious of the above the pressure on council tax and that builds needs be minimised as far as possible

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:58:15]

thank you Councillor I call now on Councillor M again

[Cllr John McGahan - 1:58:20]

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:58:21]

[Cllr John McGahan - 1:58:22]

thank you Madam Mayor follow on from Councillor which question really
can she give not just run out of time and I mentioned the increase in the Council Tax for Stockport a managed to mention the police precept which will be set round about 12 pounds which an increase from 5 pounds am I right in thinking that they Greater Manchester mayoral precinct will be in the region of 60 pounds for each Council tax payer

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:58:48]

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 1:58:52]

but not as far as I know I think that would be pretty outrageous

[Mayor Linda Holt - 1:58:57]

OK thank you
that's all the questions that Councillor notice
other Any questions now on Cabinet business for Councillor Kate Butler
Councillor Johnson
thank you
thank you I'm
Councillor Coley I think your hand went up first

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 1:59:38]

thank you my Lord Mayor and the Members will remember at the last Council Meeting cares about a informed dissolve a the developments in the stock market a sector in relation to Steve Pilling a winning the contract for a the produce hole I'm
they don't mean everybody will moan ashamed of the Stockport Mark has been incredibly a controversial to say the least and a number of residents have been deeply concerned about how the process was handled in terms of
giving this contract to a Steve polling I myself have done some research or in relation to the I'm a Mr. probing and it does concern me that they he's been involved in projects that are always is given an intention to start projects that have come to fruition and a also a failed in I'm a soft keys no my first question and I do have a few Madam Mayor is what due diligence has been done in and around
Mr. polling to ensure that the A The Council's investment that will be making which is significant
as protected

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:00:58]

thank you Councillor Butler

[Cllr Kate Butler - 2:01:02]

i'm not position to comment on the business of an independent business man and I think if you do some further research you will find the answers that you are looking for and in terms of due diligence
I am not quite sure what you want to know Councillor due diligence has been done it's been two way working very closely with MS
tell me exactly what you want
what can I do beyond assure you that
Councillor McCall it could you be more specifically the Council's
due diligence is being done

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 2:01:53]

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 2:01:53]

sorry about America infrastructure in future for myself
5 sets out the convention is obviously to talk through the Chair and the actions the that of course as is a number of proposals put forward are to protect him a very similar one from a group who has a who actually changes within the the stock market themselves and have been or have a lot of expertise within that area and have been growing interest in that area and the concern I've got as is that the or the I'm The the process has been gone through to A Betts forward has not
necessarily been as transparent as its as its
has has been made
that some of the concerns that have been put forward to myself and an essay what what I think is is necessary what people would like to know is what security just the Council how for the investment that they are making which is nearly half a million pounds that the Council will not get back
can Councillor Khan I I have to stop you at this point because this

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:03:02]

question is commercially sensitive and in because of that reason there won't be a response at this moment in time

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 2:03:08]

Madam Mayor the the question isn't commercially sensitive why

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:03:15]

am after a lean at night if you question is commercially sensitive

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 2:03:17]

what I am and I'm asking
can we given what how can Councillor Butler make us feel secure that the investment making of

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:03:31]

I've been advised that this is commercially sensitive so we will send you a written response Councillor calling

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 2:03:36]

Madam Mayor I am deeply concerned that officers are trained
erotic debate in this situation
it's been shut down

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:03:47]

Councillor Nicola I'm not shutting you down I'm just explaining that this is commercially sensitive and we will send you a written response

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 2:03:54]

without fail I'll make sure that happens
Madam Mayor I understand that you're not trying to shut me down

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:04:02]

the question I'm sorry that's the response from me and that's the end of it thank you we will send you a written response thank you
Councillor Johnson

[Cllr Oliver Johnstone - 2:04:13]

thank you Madam Mayor different tack but same story with me
given that our Lead Member on t FGM is by his own comments out of service
could Councillor Butler use your good offices to raise the concerns outlined in my earlier question regarding the withdrawal of the X 19 02 with all relevant parties including Stagecoach and do so with the dedication and endeavour befitting of a Member in such a position of

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:04:44]

responsibility and in receipt of an SRA thank you
thank you Councillor

[Cllr Kate Butler - 2:04:47]

I would be absolutely delighted to I have questions of my own to ask in relation to the 1 9 2 so I will ask your question to my question

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:04:57]

and let you know the answer
thank you Councillor Hunter

[Cllr Mark Hunter - 2:05:02]

thank you about him that I'm very interested in the work of the Council see a Work and skills commission
and in particular for forthcoming events which commenced just next week
aimed at young people older workers businesses and trainers given that these events are now imminent can the Cabinet Member responsible give us an update on the number of people who will be attending these events and the numbers that are needed to make each event viable

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:05:32]

thank you Councillor Butler

[Cllr Kate Butler - 2:05:34]

I do have the figures ourselves about full thirteenths afternoon somewhere in my pile of papers when I lay my hands to let you know what they are
but just to
give you some comfort that numbers already exceed those required to make each workshop viable
and the
that the numbers that I asked for advice from members about three o'clock and got some straight away and then I got an update just over an hour later where they'd increased again so we are where we are confident that we'll have good numbers for each one

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:06:17]

[Cllr Mark Hunter - 2:06:19]

thank you thank you
I am very pleased to hear that because an inquiry that I may just a few days ago elicited the response that the sign-up certainly for the first event was quote quite low so I'm very interested if there's been a remarkable turn about in the space of just a few days but she will understand my concern that I would remind the kind of venues that have been booked for these things which include some quite expense hotels quite expensive hotels and it would be most unfortunate if such an important event and went awry because of the lack of preparation and organisation which would in the end like down the very people we are

[Cllr Kate Butler - 2:07:03]

trying to help and assist with this work

[Cllr Kate Butler - 2:07:04]

I can assure you
Councillor Hunter The
a lot of thought and J expertise not just from in Council but from external partners around the Council have gone into setting up the workshops I've got me fitness now and
got a total of Seventy four people together
20 8
of those are booked onto their and business and employer workshop and as I said those numbers are increasing all the time so I would assume that they've done up since then the workshops habit we have only just started the publicising and so it doesn't particularly surprise me that the numbers were low when you first us if you'd like a daily update on numbers are be happy to provide them

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:08:00]

thank you

[Cllr Kenny Blair - 2:08:07]

thank you rather than
Councillor Butler I'm sorry to pester you a further
year I asked the question in October regarding the works on metal would we and when they would start and you very kindly provided me with a response from the 10th November and advised me that what would begin by the end of November
unfortunate today no work has started on that so I would appreciate it if you could they give me an update as to when that work is due to

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:08:35]

start and what the problems with the delay are thank you very much
thank you

[Cllr Kate Butler - 2:08:37]

guess Councillor I didn't get a response from officers on and the reason for the delay delay and I have made a point of saying to them Can you please keep the ward Councillors stitched in and I'm very sorry if that hasn't happened I
can I can of our forward the information that I got to use that you've definitely got it so sorry about that

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:09:06]

thank you Councillor Monaghan

[Cllr John McGahan - 2:09:09]

thank you my Lord Mayor
Councillor Butler the residents of Bramhall Woodford in Cheadle Hume have been inconvenienced for a considerable amount of time due to the A6 MARR construction work the Stanley Green roundabout is a prime example where residents experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes simply to access the 8 thirty four can the Cabinet Member therefore assure my residents that liquidation of Corrillian will not extend the time scales and resultant inconvenience and that spring actually mean Spring 2 thousand 18 and not somewhere in the far distant future

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:09:43]

[Cllr Kate Butler - 2:09:45]

as you will put the Leader explain earlier and also get Councillor Sedgwick that that the nature of the contract arrangements for a six mile is a joint venture between Corrillian and Morgan Sindall and the collapse of karelian passes the responsibilities for completion of the contract on to more than Sindall and we've so far have no indication that they will be any
delay in
yeah I'm but we are monitoring the situation closely and daily we have some time so when there's any update will let you know

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:10:34]

thank you any more questions to Council about the
thank you are there any questions for Councillor Tom McGee
thank you Councillor Booth

[Cllr Laura Booth - 2:10:54]

yes thank you Madam Mayor
that Councillor McGee the recent public consultation on the underlying strategy and policy in respect of the Stockport together outline business cases has resulted in responses expressing fears that the probe proposed neighbourhoods are just too big
can you give us reassurance that they are appropriately sized and will be able to deliver at the pace and scale needed to deliver successful outcomes for Stockport together

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:11:27]

thank you Councillor McGee

[Cllr Tom McGee - 2:11:29]

thank you
as you whether 8 Neighbourhoods roughly with a synthetic thousand also on average
there was lots of discussion early on about about the size
it would have gone to say sixth that was that was deemed to be too big go to smaller ones with two more would be was deemed to have
not getting the economies of scale that was needed was very apparent is that each of those neighbourhoods are very different may well
may have not just different to communities and needs but also different ways of perhaps doing similar things so
I'm convinced having listened to the arguments that the neighbourhoods are as writers we can get them given the configuration of Stockport what I wear what I do accept is that
especially for out of hours service is there may be some difficulties in at least one
in terms of the ability of people to travel and we are looking at options to try and resolve that if not a completely but certainly resolve as much as possible

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:12:40]

thank you any more questions Councillor McGee
any questions for Councillor David Sedgwick
Councillor Twigg

[Cllr Jon Twigge - 2:12:52]

Q Madam Mayor
this morning I went to the mindful lives introduction and stop the house I've done a little bit of mindfulness training in the past and I was curious to see what the Council was offering in this area and I am very happy to report back that the training was very good
many council staff working stressful environments and situations some of them on a daily basis changes within the Council over recent years and probably more changes coming up to stress for many staff across many areas
some research suggests that mindfulness is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress and depression
unfortunately not everyone booked on the course this morning could make it
some of them at least due to pressure of work
how can we prevent promote mindfulness and well-being within the Council to ensure that all staff that might want or need support are aware of and able to attend appropriate sessions

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 2:13:53]

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 2:13:54]

thank you Cedric thank you very much for your question Councillor Twigg yes I think
we're folk talk about specifics of the caution on this morning but to be quite we have regular updates of CFA CRMG Committee about the sickness absence report and one of the things that are actually highlights is reasons why people are perhaps off sick for longer periods of time and one of those reasons are one of those reasons is pressure the job stressful busy lifestyle which I agree if you was half year staff and east small amount per table since 20 10 Van yet that will put more demand because let's face it we all know that demand and pressure on services isn't going away in fact is
so yet to we do take the health and wellbeing of our staff very seriously affect not just for of mindfulness courses you mentioned I think for us a question answer about how we encourage staff to take part in all training events for an unnecessarily strict relate to a job which they think is perhaps more mandatory but at the same time as we go along events like I note that Unison do a lot of stress management events
Oxo or
the council promote workshops are general mental health and wellbeing we take this is probably one of them I think improving communication between line managers and employees encouraging them to go along and I think as well we need to make it clear about overall yet jobs have to be done
and tasks have to be mad I think it's important that employees to cater for all mental health as well and we should be given time to do that and
I understand that employees are allowed to take time out to attend events are not entirely sure the specifics around invest 1 perhaps it wasn't as well publicised but an upset we welcome a conversation around what you think we could do as well to improve

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:15:53]

thank you
Councillor Alan

[Cllr Malcolm Allan - 2:15:57]

thank you my Lord Mayor Council said Your comments must be about the CAB in Marple and to do that I need to go back a little while so bad with me three Council meetings ago I asked a question about the CAB I think I was fairly open in accepting that they're going to be some changes but the question was very specifically will the service be as effective as it was then and your answer was very specific yes it will the following Council meeting armed with a letter that the employees of the CAB and volunteers from the CAB which seem to differ with your statement described all the various things are going to change and asked the same question How come you thought this was going to be an effective service I think I'm right in saying you weren't sure you offer to look into in more detail I didn't hear much more about that we never managed to get a meeting but I didn't hear anymore at the following meeting and work there and cancer diagnosis in your place answered the same question and I think Councillor notices answer was we need to look into this and to explain what happened after that I had a meeting with the CAB management and it took me exactly half an hour of conversation to understand total of the motivation CAB was trying to do the commercial background to it and also to gain a very clear picture from them that they were accepting the general trend that there was going to be one CAB office in Stockport not guarantee but as was the trend my question for you is how is it that in all those things the effectiveness of the CAB what the CAB management was trying to do over three Council meetings you and the Cabinet were not able to tell us the reality of the situation

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:17:28]

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 2:17:29]

Councillor rhetoric
the reality of the situation and Councillor Alan is about as far as we are concerned that specific where market will talk about this the contract hasn't changed are still at least five days
5 15 days where residents can seek support that advice
actually I think the proposals go further not perhaps not for your residents and market but for the wider residents of Stockport where they have had a lesser access to information but I would do know I think certainly is not the case where the trend is to move to one operation report is quite specific that says we want to move to a hub and spoke system but absolutely clear bias in the report I that I following the Council meeting that Councillor Alan has described I e-mailed wants to follow up to see if we could get me still happy to meet with the CAB and event forward upon it and have a reply to say I'm stable we said and get back to me with a date
whenever and still
I understand that Councillor Alan like any other Member of this Chamber has the right to go and speak to officers as we wish that I could see the officers are satisfied with me but I would suggest Councillor Alan did want to raise best with me perhaps he could have invited me along to meet in the I suggested we have with the CAB staff that have in some cases perhaps very legitimate concerns but invitation is still here are favourites now is not the time for political posturing perhaps to do something about it to improve the service that we can offer an Isa Saver invite still very much on the table
I am happy to meet with himself as constituents and members receive beyond to ever to see what we can do to improve the service but as far as I'm concerned
we are still operating if the hub and spoke system which we intend to move to and terms of the commissioned pop Faceby service VAT will go out to tender next year we have gained from an unofficial
official years extension on until we can do that at a GM level and again until we do about I'm happy to engage in conversation with the kind of way in here or whether it would be worth CAB staff and listen to their concerns and see what we can practically do to support them on a daily basis

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:20:06]

[Cllr Malcolm Allan - 2:20:07]

Councillor Alan
I think I need to respond to that and ask you to go to the same question just to explain the reason why we never had that meeting was the CAB staff declined a date that's simply that it wasn't to do with me the CAB stuff declined to date there were in deep conversation with the CAB about their future and clearly are still not in touch the Marple office has closed its open it is not open to drop in because it closed before Christmas notice on the door is closed there is only one day a week when people in Marple Can Can can go and see a CAB Officer that's already happened and I know it wasn't meant to happen until the end of the future but it's happened so therefore I ask you again
how come you didn't know that and I think it's not political it's simply me as a Councillor wanting to know what's going on in my ward it is not a political question the reason why there's very little point now talking to the CAB volunteers and the CAB employees is they no longer exist they are not manning the office in Marple so could you answer the question please

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 2:21:06]

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 2:21:06]

answer to question Madam Mayor we've made it clear that residents of Marco can seek advice five days a week whether that be for dropping off a quick advice services whether that be for the phone or whether that be for digital channels as well in which were driving
I think to said made it clear
access to information and guidance through the CAB child is absolutely still rare
when also when next report has came twice through CRMG
no-one has fed any negative feedback about it in fact quite the opposite
so to be clear as I said the information as to the opportunity to get access to advice as absolutely still there would just changing the channel woven

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:21:58]

thank you

[Cllr Malcolm Allan - 2:22:00]

councillor will be less not the maximum queue
I just want to check with you you're saying the office is as effective as it was before you write that people in Marple and the surrounding area can get contact via the phone with CAB advice so that I'm asking you are you saying that the ability to wring some but it's a distance is as effective as being able to call into a CBE office four days a week is now not exist and are you saying that's the same effectiveness because I don't agree

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 2:22:30]

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 2:22:31]

to agree or disagree
is up we were absolutely clear from the outset that the opportunity for residents of Moll Flanders Stockport generally to access information should not be diminished by the changes to the bottom which changing the channel and Quedgeley receive information as a Council we have invested millions of pounds into proven digital services by example for example if we turned around and said
well we've invested this money but we're still going to keep me all ways of working I don't think for us to use a compatible to be perfectly honest why I appreciate that perhaps people may be used to access information and a face to face
firstly face-to-face environment that's no longer the case if you are someone who would prefer to have face-to-face information you can still reach an appointment are still all visit opportunities available OK the way in which you may have to wait or game telephone gain telephone advice first of all
or perhaps come to the town hall or fax 0 sorry Fred Perry House the facts available but point-making as we have made significant investment in the way in which we deliver services included information and guidance and for Policy B but we have had I think to move with the times I appreciate there will be inconvenience bought at the same time I think it's a move in the right direction and I think effort as a c f the residents
Marco are concerned or anyone else in Stockport per bar but I am always west I am always willing to listen to their comments and see what we can do to improve the situation but I think that's the case so we have delivered information advice and guidance services which are fit for the 21st century

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:24:25]

thank you
Councillor calling

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 2:24:29]

thank you my Lord Mayor my questions in relation to the crisis involving Carillion
obviously when a company goes into liquidation generally that means that the company and employment involved in that no longer exists so therefore given the company is in is in liquidation
and the activities that currently were carrying out with Stockport Council you have said are continuing what frameworks been put in place to bridge that gap between what is happened with Carrill in what will happen in the future what's what bridging mechanism has been used

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:25:04]

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 2:25:04]

part of Korean
which deliver services
as we speak
liquidation however
we do need to work all eventualities I don't think we've seen
last all that I think the situation is still moving
so yet at the moment and asks the CRMG ensures they will be able to give more detail
the confidential part because it is commercially sensitive information
yet we haven't heard the last of us for a moment we still have the opportunity we about couples over 1 comma are still feeling

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:25:51]

thank you anymore questions to Councillor Sedgwick
thank you any any questions now for Councillor Baillie
Councillor smart

[Cllr Lisa Smart - 2:26:07]

thank you very much indeed Madam Mayor I very much welcome the invitation extended to me and my colleague from Councillor Baillie to join her in a discussion about the impact of changes to parking charges I note her sense that sometimes children's play nicely with each of the Sea of split it up very sensibly and I would have welcomed the invitation even more earlier in the process but I welcome it nonetheless and given that the consultation so far has been pretty shambolic and that's been relatively generous and was really interested to hear about the ANC programme of engagement that Councillor Glynog 6 mentioned and I wonder if Councillor Baillie could explain that to me bear in mind she's got a budget to pass in about four weeks' time

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:26:48]

thank you Councillor Baillie

[Cllr Sheila Bailey - 2:26:50]

well after says not just my budget it's yours as well and this Council has a duty to pass a Budget and we are all responsible for doing that how we do it and is probably
a matter for discussion in various areas and as far as consultation is concerned it is difficult because they come so as you will know
fulfilled its statutory obligation as far as advertising is concerned and that's what it has to do and that's what it did do now as far as the Town Centre business
Improvement District there have been several meetings with that organisation and there has been discussions about how
the proposals that were put forward could be altered changed or to a point where the the bit thought they were
acceptable that process has been gone through and the
the the changes have been incorporated into the scrutiny document that is going to
the scrutiny committee next week as far as the district and
the Station car parks are concerned and the the proposals were published as I said and there were responses to those
proposals and there has been discussion with the various people or discussion jets take place with the various people who responded there has not been a an overwhelming deluge of complaints or criticism about the proposals and in fact in the probably than the majority of the outer areas there have been any of the issues that have exercised people's minds have been implementing car parking charges on car parks where the previously weren't any and that is
the bone of contention I think which is
been the or as has been the
problem if you like the k Councillors in romley Bramhall and Marple have brought to my attention
as you say we will be having a discussion next week about these issues to see if there is a way forward
but as my colleague Councillor notice said this local authority
it's not and this is not of our making but this Local Authority has to find 18 million pounds out of its revenue budget it can't do that by maintaining the status quo beyond that it has to find another 50 million
and that is a terrifying prospect for public services in this town
now I know I know that nobody wants to pay more for something than they already are doing I know that people don't want to pay for something that they don't have to pay for now but the bottom line in all of this is the other budget meeting on the 22nd of February I think it is if I've got the date right
a legal budget has to be passed by this Council and to do that we have to be able to demonstrate that we can implement it in the next 12 months
the way that the situation has been approached is that we can cut services we have had to cut services your group had to cut services and did year on year
we have to look at the way we can increase our income
and the balance between the two is how we arrive at a balanced budget now the end of the day obviously everybody has review everybody is entitled to put that view forward but the view that were just not going to do this that we can just stay the same as we have done forever in the past is not a view that is sustainable any more so I look forward to seeing your proposals at the meetings next week and we'll see if we can come to a
negotiated a proposal that will suit everybody

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:31:48]

[Cllr Lisa Smart - 2:31:50]

thank you Councillor smart
I think it's a little unfair to say that residents haven't responded I remember that a resident came and presented a petition with at least 400 signatures on it so there has been some response I think the more response I think just doing more consultation than publishing statutory notices in the Stockport Express might be something to look at and my follow up question because I appreciate that she's looking to work with Councillors representing the wards in question I think that's a positive step forwards my follow-up question is please could you involve the stakeholder groups in looking at the any amendments that you've got to your proposals such as friends of Romney station such as the Romney traders

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:32:29]

[Cllr Sheila Bailey - 2:32:30]

Councillor Baillie
yes and they the process I didn't say that non no members of the public had been had had not reported that hadn't been
responses from certain areas I said they would in the areas romley Marple and Bramhope which is where the responses have come from
I think the first step in this process is to talk to the elected representatives for us to put forward alternatives that can be looked at for you to put forward alternatives that can be looked at and when we have some kind of
agreed position than I am very happy to talk to any groups who might want to have their say in in the whole process
but we have to be we have to deal with reality we have to deal with things as they are not how we want them to be and it's very easy to oppose things it's not that easy to come up with
it's very easy to oppose things it's not always that easy to come up with alternative and if you look at what I said at the Budget speech in 20 15 I said exactly that and I said that there were difficulties and yes there are and they are going to get worse and so while you might find it funny I think the people out there need to know that there is a an absolute seriousness about this that this Council has never faced before and that has to be taken on board

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:34:24]

thank you Councillor Baillie
Councillor Alan

[Cllr Malcolm Allan - 2:34:27]

thanks Martin Castlebythe think a simple question and I too am very grateful for the meetings arranged over the next few days and in line with my colleagues and although some comments have been made about meeting I think it was last week I think I was also grateful for the chance to talk to officers last week and one of the things not just me I was one of the number of people were able to do was to say there were some inaccuracies in the data in the factual data I just wanted to give you the chance to confirm that before we get into the meeting today with some meaningful consultation that those inaccuracies and things that a number of us were able to point out have in fact been incorporated into the proposals

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:35:00]

[Cllr Sheila Bailey - 2:35:01]

thank you Councillor Baillie
yes any anything that has been pointed out that has been
inaccurately will certainly be right about the time we meet next week

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:35:17]

thank you any more questions to Councillor Baillie
thank you all for any questions for Councillor Fitzpatrick
Councillor Battle

[Cllr Brian Bagnall - 2:35:28]

thank you Mortimer
Councillor Fitzpatrick at the Council meeting on the 14th of September
2 thousand 16 you announced the launch of the Strategic Capital investment Programme and Stockport schools totalling 25 million pounds which were received from the government which was to be used to deal with the fabric and capacity issues can you update members on how much money is actually been spent over the last four months have much orders have now been placed and how much you acts expect to spend by the end of this Municipal Year

[Cllr Dean Fitzpatrick - 2:36:05]

thank you Councillor Fitzpatrick

[Cllr Dean Fitzpatrick - 2:36:06]

thank you are the man with your permission I'm going to stay sat down my
head is a little bit cloudier donor whether it is the school visits all my five year old niece being in germs into the family but if that's OK with you and so in terms of where we are in terms of spending money on schools is a constant rolling programme it this isn't 25 million pounds that we're going to start spending on the 1st of March the 1st of April whenever it might think there's a constant flow of money going through
so some of that money will have been moved in terms of the actual project where we are taught date you we've had the first Executive meeting which consists of myself the bollard treasurer
the Director of Education and so on
we've had the first scalp meeting which included the three Councillors as well as representatives from the schools and everybody else do you know who was on the
if you need more detail if there is a specific question about that then I'm happy to answer
in terms of the conversations that are going out to schools something that we've already spoken about few times there are confident that confidential information has been shared with the Councillors about the three priority 3 pressing the three priority areas in stop all that's going out to that's been discussed with the head teachers and the Chair of Governors over the coming weeks they will be having conversations with the governing body and Annex an ongoing discussion that takes place I'm still on track to make a formal announcement in March

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:37:41]

[Cllr Brian Bagnall - 2:37:44]

thank you Councillor G NA sorry I thought I had been quite specific inasmuch as
I'll try again have we actually spent any money yet have we actually placed any orders yet and have you got a number that you think you will have spent by the end of this Municipal Year

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:38:01]

[Cllr Dean Fitzpatrick - 2:38:02]

well I say I mean this 25 million is a rolling programme some of that money has he will have been spent I'll get you a written answer to give you the exact figure
not all of the money will clearly be spent by the end of this financial year and the following financial year either so it's it's a programme that continues but I will get you a written answer with the exact numbers that you asked for

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:38:26]

thank you thank you any more questions accounts of Fitzpatrick
thank you are there any questions for Councillor Foster
thank you and finally any questions for Councillor Wilde
Councillor Booth

[Cllr Laura Booth - 2:38:46]

yes thank you Madam Mayor
Councillor while the planned integration of mental health and wellbeing has been affected by the delay in the refurbishment of Baker Street
can you give us a definite timescale for when the service redesign will commence because all the reports that are frequently commented scrutiny committee merely mentioned hopes and aims and available seems to be an ongoing problem

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:39:14]

thank you Councillor Wilde

[Cllr Wendy Wild - 2:39:20]

thank you for your question Councillor move
and I was just about to say there are a number of mentions of integration within my PP are reports I know that there have been issues with premises which I know I've reported on previously would not came to during Tuesday's meeting
regarding the detail of your
question what our do is to make sure you get a written response will get more information but I would welcome you know a discussion at scrutiny regarding this and I think I have tried to indicate in the past I welcome the the Scrutiny's views and I do I do very much support and you know but discussion at scrutiny so I certainly on this particular point get you a written response and ensure that actually in the PP are ours that we do go into more detail on that

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:40:13]

thank you
any more questions to Councillor Wilde
thank you we now move on to comments are there any comments on Cabinet business

4 c) Minutes

that concludes Cabinet question time there being no further questions or comments on Cabinet business I declare the minutes of the Cabinet held on the 19th of December 2 thousand 17 and the 17th of January 2 thousand 18 and the list of Executive decisions which was circulated with the summons and at this meeting to be duly received by the Council meeting

5 Scrutiny

ITEM 5 scrutiny

5 a) Scrutiny Business

5 b) Questions

Point 1 Scrutiny business no scrutiny Chairs have indicated that they wished to address the Council meeting and so I am going to move on to questions do any Councillors wish to ask the Chairs of Scrutiny Committees any questions on the conduct of Scrutiny business I'll go through the list Festival we have Adult social Care and Health Councillor Booth
children and families Councillor Wendy Meikle
communities and housing corporate resource management and governance Councillor John Morgan
and finally economy and Regeneration Councillor Oliver Johnson

5 c) Minutes

thank you there being no further questions I declared the minutes of the scrutiny committees as listed in the summons to be duly received by the Council meeting

6 Ordinary, Area and Ward Committees

6 a) To receive a report from the Chairs of the Planning & Highways Regulation and Licensing, Environment & Safety Committees on the conduct of their business since the last Council Meeting.

yes or no notices have indicated that they wish to address the meeting so I move on to questions do any Councillors wish to ask the Chairs of ordinary area or ward committees any questions on the minutes of those Committees as set out on the summons

6 b) Questions

thank you

6 c) Minutes

there were no further questions I move on to the minutes of ordinary and area committees I declared the minutes of ordinary and area committees as set out on the summons to be duly received by the Council meeting

7 Motions - Notice of which have been given under Council Meeting Procedure Rule 12

7 a) Education Funding

ITEM seven when moving onto motions now notice of which have been given under council meeting procedure rule 12 Part One Education funding I call now on Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick to move the motion

[Cllr Dean Fitzpatrick - 2:42:54]

i'm going to try standard open for the first time in public I'm going to try my glasses on these things happen when you get to four past 39
this motion quite simply calls on the government to urgently ensure the true cost of education provision is reflected in the funding provided to Stockport's schools high needs and early years Blocks Stockport schools have strong leadership excellent teachers and staff are superb education support and improvement service through our council offices and dedicated an ambitious pupils all the right ingredients for success we know these things are true and the results from our schools and pupils prove that one of the things that is missing is finance
the funding for the three blocks that I just mentioned is provided to Stockport through the dedicated schools grants following the unanimous support of this Council in March of
last year for the approach the Cabinet is taking to this issue or work cloacal closely with The Thirty-Nine are the lowest funded local authorities across the country through the Forty group and we lobbied the government
the government told us that the revised formula which is due to be implemented later this year that every school would be better off but this wasn't sure this isn't true skills are not better off there are gains and there are losers but there are no winners
we were successful in getting the government to increase the quantum of funding provided to schools by not point 5 percent but with inflation running at 3 percent our children's education provision is facing year on year because
the money provided to this Local Authority to distribute to schools is fund is funded 1 thousand pounds per pupil per year less than many other local authorities and in some cases up to 3 thousand pounds per pupil per year to put that in perspective for a typically sized primary school that could be around half a million pounds a year and for a secondary school that is more than one and a half million pounds every single year
so until the time of the next planned general election in 2 thousand 20 2 this could result in cuts to schools' budgets of 15 percent
what before primary and secondary we know that the first three years of a child's development at the most important is essential to build resilience from an early age
our schools deliver really well but the funding the government allocates to schools cannot keep delivering these results the really is a looming crisis
having stopped by our residents are being short-changed with proper funding we can and we can enable our learners to achieve even better outcomes and provide people with the best life opportunities
and met with Joe Barker who was head teacher at Marple whole school and leader of the secondary Heads Heads Consortium and he told me that for schools such as Marple hall to function properly or meet the needs of all of their learners whilst at the same time looking after the school buildings the school is estimated a minimum realistic budget of seven million 250 2 thousand pounds in two thousand seventeen 17 18 the school received total funding of 6 million Eight hundred and seventy nine million pounds the shortfall is therefore Three Hundred and Seventy 2 thousand pounds which works out as a gap of two hundred and 50 seven pounds per pupil per year but even with the correct per-pupil funding Stockport schools are already on the back foot the money allocated by government to repair and maintain the buildings and to create the additional places was cut by 40 2 million pounds between 2 thousand and 10 and two thousand seventeen
we brought forward to 25 million pound investment strategy for our schools but we know that we need at least 75 million and as much as a hundred and 20 million headteachers from across Stockport of told me that because our schools have not had significant investment in recent years there is an additional draw on funding because they are forced to use the pupil funding to fix a leaky roofs
our young people deserve modern purpose built buildings the money for learning should be going on learning those additional costs should not be taken or compensating for underfunding and shortfalls elsewhere in the system
I have also been talking to Jackie aims had Norbury Hall Primary School there High Lane and leader of the Primary Heads Consortium in Stockport and she tells me the same problems are happening right now across the primary sector
well mental wellbeing is a really big issue in schools the pressures on young people academic and otherwise are growing but there is no money coming in to promote mindfulness among staff especially for young people the seems to be an assumption from the government that teachers can suddenly become mental health workers without training and in addition to their existing responsibilities
I understand that the Council's wants go into more detail about this saw comma common shots in this area
Ofsted requires richness of correct of the curriculum but the resources in education do not match the resources in industry and schools are unable to attract the right people to deliver that broader curriculum
so what do we do about it well to begin first of all we not call him for money to be taken away from other local authorities but instead to adequately fund those that have historically missed out through under investment and to create fairness going forward
we're calling for the true cost of education provision to be reflected in the funding of schools high needs and the early years block and we know that that will mean different rates across Stockport and obviously the commentary and that's something we've always supported here in Stockport through the local formulas and wider policy approaches the corner funded mom formula sorry excuse me the current funding model uses historic and out of date data and each time there is a change in the funding it just changes that to varying degrees but we don't know how that's calculated because the government despite our call in March of last year won't release that methodology
we need to scrap the exists existing formula and start again there needs to be a basic formula for how much it costs to run a school then on top of that we were we would add morning depending on the school and the demographics of the area so for example on top of the basic entitlement or the school costs
i'm sorry older school costs might cost more to heat and to maintain than a new build school so they might attract more money but then skills over split sites have different costs to this to those on the same site and the might be additional funding for raw rurality and there's a very strong argument that the monies to be loaded more towards the front end or younger age groups
and then we get on to the absolute critical factors of poverty and deprivation and the growing number of special education and high-needs children who we want or need to provide for all of these factors are more change the standard cost of schooling and should be reflected in the morning allocated per child
as one local authority here in Stockport we can tell the government how much it costs to run one school or even our Stockport schools
but only the government has the national view and it needs to use those powers effectively
an investment in our schools and it is an investment in our children and indeed our country Stockport schools have already reported they are not replacing staff when they leave unless the funding to Stockport schools in every world unless this is changed
schools in every ward could be forced to cook more teachers and support staff to balance their budgets teachers it had teachers are telling me teacher sickness is increasing and it's directly attributed to funding budgets teachers teach a sickness is on the rise and so is longer term teacher sickness there is far greater expert expectations on teachers to many top-down changes in education with a lack of clarity from the government and a lack of training to support through those changing times better funding would enable staff to support the teachers to teach the child for the pupils to deliver those results now when bringing a key strategic motion to Council is very difficult to consolidate everyone's view not just within this Council but also our schools and obviously residents
I'm sure there will be different points of view tonight and I never really feel like a presented emotion unless Councillor Lloyd stands up and tells me why I'm doing why I'm a very meaning well meaning but wrong person and then goes on to
I bet he does have echoes and then goes on to compliment me for doing a wonderful job
and hopefully Councillor Alan who always has some interesting comments to say we'll go on further about some of the comments that are I caught shot before but were happy to take that criticism and it will be worth if ultimately we can set aside at least some of those differences and focus on the things that we really do have in common and here that means prioritising our young people higher than they currently are and together using this opportunity to send a message to government that it must urgently ensure the true cost of education provision is reflected in the funding provided to Stockport's schools high needs and early years Blocks

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:52:45]

thank you well done with the timing cancer static and are there any men sorry and I call on Councillor in Leeds will send to second the motion

[Cllr Elise Wilson - 2:52:55]

thank you my Lord Mayor I formally second in visit leisure rights

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:52:59]

thank you
are there any amendments
amendments so we will move on to debate the motion
Councillor Alan
Councillor Lloyd
OK thank you
Councillor Alan

[Cllr Malcolm Allan - 2:53:21]

thank you my Lord Mayor
I wanted to talk on behalf of the Liberal Democrats because we are going to support this motion
the unlimited make about the motion is is arguable It's too detailed because the motion could be reduced to one line for us and I think we need to remember that this is a simple issue we are asking the government to fund education adequately funded education as you've said by its true costs and for that reason I'm not going to go into the detail that I think Councillor very adequately rehearsed with us we've seen it it's true in many times I want to talk about education and why we fundamentally believe in education being one of the absolute priorities for spending and why we find it difficult that the government doesn't really appreciate up
a number of people in scrutiny heard me say many times in education money spent today actually saves money in the future and I'm going to get back to that as far as early years is concerned people know the usual thing that I say but I want to emphasise this is not about cuts we are absolutely clear the government isn't saying it's cutting education it saying they are going to put more money in education but it's not enough and that's the point and again is front and I'm going to return to
i've worked on the outside of education of something like 25 years and my experience says if you want to know about schools you go and approach heads it certainly to One-Stop I had two fantastic people have talked to most of the Heads in my area I know exactly what they are doing they know exactly how the schools operate and when they backed by a very effective Board of Governors you get the right answer what Stockport heads telling us the telling us absolutely loud and clear the system is neither fair nor is it given them enough money they know we should listen to them
when I've talked to heads in my ward what they do say and let's not miss understand this they say whatever money you give us we will work with we will do our best that's what they've been doing over many years but they also say it's not enough so let's not miss that message the very effective doing what they do but they do want more and they know that if we don't give them more education will suffer and I get back to mutual point cancer Fitzpatrick knows and I am a great advocate of early years and I often say a pound spent on earlier as effectively saves this 10 pounds later on when kids go to school and I'd like to extend that tonight to say 10 pounds spent in secondary education saves a hundred pounds or more when people go out into the world
why is Education so important and I don't want to teach me grandmothers and Grandma fathers to suck eggs' but it's a door opener
it's a free solution to a lot of problems people come up with solutions without having to pay them because if not an education it improves society it actually can tackle poverty and it also stimulates people into lifelong learning those people that say I'm still learning when in the seventies and eighties we have a lot of those people in Stockport and I think a lot of people in this Chamber also say we are still learning I'm one of them and that's back to the education I had there's no substitute for that you can't buy that at set through the education system one of the things I think is very relevant to us tonight is a good education lecture see behind the headlines and lets you see behind the political posturing
we do see local MPs are actually saying the same thing that the government saying this one point 3 billion pounds of extra funding and what a great job that is on its own that stat which have recently seen printed means absolutely nothing why don't know that because I've been educated it doesn't say what its arm what the per capita spend is as Councillor Fitzpatrick said is whether it goes to face to face education whether it's going to free schools or our skills where it's going to pension funds whether it's going to employment costs it doesn't say that it's a meaningless start what we do need to press the government to realise is this is about funding education face-to-face education of our children properly and there for Education Kenny natural fat be self-perpetuating it raises the quality of political debate I want to quote somebody very briefly who isn't a Stockport person and I raise this because this is an individual I am sure all of you know and if not I'll enlightening chap called John Boyega guess most of you now realise you I am talking about and the reason I mention this is because he's brought a lot of income to Stockport he's brought an awful lot of employment to Stockport and is actually brought along with a lot of entertainment to Stockport and this is a young man that was brought and raised up in Peckham it was actually a friend of Damilola Taylor he says and he's quoted reason the press he had a fantastic childhood but through its education is exposed to world of dance tap musical Theatre and Thirteen is already performed at the Royal Albert Hall despite the fact he came from a deprived London District is education getting there and as you all know John Boyega is one of the stars of the last two Star Wars films there's brought a fantastic amount of benefit to the store and the fantastic amount of enjoyment there are a myriad of examples like that that simply through a little trick of education benefits the whole of society
so I want to say those of us and I'm sure it's most of us in this room all of us in this room who use and cherish our education think about it really outside the political spectrum and think we're in a world gone mad it's a world isn't funding our education properly heads in this area on asking for the earth this simply asking for enough not more than enough enough to do the job properly that they are fully qualified to do what we should ask the garden is to give us so that we can give them what they need it's cheap it's money well spent and it's absolutely what we owe to the next generation

[Mayor Linda Holt - 2:59:05]

thank you
Councillor Lloyd

[Cllr Syd Lloyd - 2:59:14]

thank you my Lord Mayor there wasn't a lot just agree with what Councillor said tonight that some Councillors Patrick and for your headaches not going to get a lot better this evening
here we are another motion from you on schools funding will basically it's the same motion isn't it really regurgitated from May 2 thousand and 17
can I just tell you there is nobody in this Council Chamber have would not wish to see all of our schools better funded with significant investment in new schools for pupils and staff to develop and learn in modern well-equipped seats of learning thank Councillor Alan put it really well in the way he described how her teachers want to move ahead and how they want education to work we all want that you've identified that as a worthy and good aspiration but the problem is you singularly failed to explain how this worthy aim is to be funded
you talk about fairer funding we don't really mean that
your version of Fair funding is simply more money all round and not necessarily a levelling out of funding already given to individual schools you came up with some wonderful explanation earlier on about how we do this that and the other I can imagine the army of civil servants we actually need to work that out and to actually try and make sure that each school wasn't fighting each other because they didn't think they'd got that we that she got sister here where there are schools in Stockport in areas that you and your colleagues represent that have a much higher funding per pupil than other areas the Borough in areas that we represent
can you confirm then tonight if you believe in fair funding with the money that we've got again Councillor Mick and I quote him again he was talking about money is not being taken out of education he saying there's not enough being put in are you saying tonight that we should get fairer funding that the same amount of funding per pupil should be given it shall be all even out the schools are more should get less the schools are less you get more on what we currently got are you saying that I don't think you are but if you're not then it's not fair or funding
only with a strong economy can additional money be found the school was no that's a cliché but it's true if you haven't got the money you can't fund it under the plans your party has now been taken over by momentum the economy would crash and burn
we wouldn't have enough money we wouldn't be talking about increased or fairer schools funding under Labour will be hard pressed to maintain even current levels of spending
now to say something nice budgets they usually do I accept that you are truthful in earnest in your desire for a good deal for Stockport schools and the education of our pupils but if you genuinely want to lobby on behalf of Stockport you're going about this in a most ineffective manner
can I take you back to your previous motion
the thrust of your efforts with the sound off in the Council Chamber about the wicked Tories not providing enough money for schools and then to get the former Chief Executive Centre stiff note expressing those views to the government can you tell us 10 months later just how effective that strategy was
like all good socialists you do what socialists always do when something fails you simply wait for time to pass then you do exactly the same thing again with exactly the same results it never works it never will give you one example where socialism's ever advanced or enrich the nation remember every Labour Government's left office with unemployment higher than when it came to power meaning less money for schools and hospitals you need a growing and thriving economy so I'm going to try and be a bit helpful to tonight so here are a few questions on TV a pen and pencil you're going to write these down I think I know the answers already but let's say them and see if they ring any bells or suggest a different approach that you could take clearly a stiff letter and a robust debate within these four walls didn't get the result you want it so the first question for you is this how many trips have you made down to the Department of Education to meet with officials to press Stockport's case for more funding for our schools I think I know the answer but I will let you do so on your summing up secondly how many meetings if any have you had with the two Stockport Conservative MPs William Wragg and Mary Robinson to get them to press Stockport's case for more and or Fair funding with you Have you even try to contact them about this burning issue you keep telling us about
I wonder if you know that William is actually on the education select committee so he could working with you as the Cabinet Member on a united Stockport front be able to press Stockport's case at the highest levels have you ever tried to contact either of them or you can phone them my understanding from enquiries are made because you haven't you simply believe that passing motions in this Chamber is actually going to change anything other than to give you something to write about imposture in your local election leaflets I think our children as someone said deserve a better effort from you than that this this Chamber here is not the place my final question is this one for again what's going to be different in the letter that the current chief executive I'm sure a wonderful Parker pen is going to write for you that will open the floodgates to all this new money that you rightly say we need if you think this is the way to lobby isn't and younger not going to get anywhere
is clear doing I think that your efforts so far have been a bit of a failure if you want to influence and seek to deliver change as we do want we share your view we want more money for Stockport you need to be talking and interacting with our MPs as at least a first step
if you don't do that then all you're doing is shouting here in an empty echo-chamber journey what nobody you can actually help you change things is listening to you here because there's no one who can do that here are more mature and proactive proactive and approach is required from you if you're journeyman about really wanting tangible results you don't get it by doing what you're doing tonight you get it by working with people just to try and change things centrally
finally let me say this I will take a portion of the blame on education funding and the lack of investment in our schools over the last thirty five years or so because during that period of time when money has not been going to education the way where it should have been without a Conservative Lib Dem coalition government Conservative governments and yes Dean Labour governments Labour governments one of whom in 2 thousand and 4 05 decided there were too many primary schools in Stockport and instructed the Council to reduce pupil places you remember there are even three schools in the Armley area two of them were closed down and tended to build those wrongly primary school if you're a member thankfully resin sortie that and two school sites in our care homes are not the additional school places and modern buildings that we need you were part of the problem going back then we've been part of the problem and 8 in part the problem when they were in government with us we didn't put enough money into education and I agree with you but what you're saying here writing stiff letters doesn't work I can show I can tell you that
really help one another to make you an offer they tonight I'll help I'll make arrangements for you to meet William and Mary to see if you can actually achieve something working in Partnership William area a wonderful wonderful job William America
wonderful are one of a partnership
you can achieve something David you work with people not virtue signal from this Council Chamber and say Well we get some months ago look at the great result we got you've got nothing out of it
we won't be voting against this motion doing so you can try to mislead people in your leaflets saying that we're against more funding of Stockport schools we are not we want more funding for schools but there are many better ways to try to achieve this than the clearly ineffective way you will once again suggesting it failed in 17th will fail again we will abstain but make it absolutely clear that we are prepared to work with you and anybody else to try and attain better funding and more effective funding for our schools that's what we want is what our children deserve and we deserve better than a bit of virtue signalling that we've had tonight from you thank you

[Cllr Dean Fitzpatrick - 3:07:22]

[Cllr Dean Fitzpatrick - 3:07:23]

thank you Councillor Lloyd Councillor and ironically
you accused me of political posturing well maybe maybe

[Cllr Oliver Johnstone - 3:07:31]

[Cllr Oliver Johnstone - 3:07:32]

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:07:33]

No Can you stop counts of his party I will come back to you once we've got we've got quite a few more comments here that need to come to is that
it won't be long a promise Councillor Harding

[Cllr Philip Harding - 3:07:47]

thank you Lord Mayor
I hadn't intended speaking on this particular motion
I I've I was extremely interested in the contribution from the Leader of the Conservative Group I am particularly interested in his conclusion that the Conservative Group were going to abstain on this motion
now you either believe in education or you don't abstention is rather cowardly way of dealing with the issue I suggest to Council
now I do recollect some years ago and it's quite a long time since I was at school but they secondary Head teacher of the school that I went to in Stockport he was a conservative incidentally referred to education as a gilt-edged investment and that goes back to the point that Councillor Alan quite well made tonight about it being very important
Councillor Lloyd criticise the strategy
the Cabinet Member for not engaging with the two Conservative MPs now I'd like to know how many times Councillor Lloyd and his Group up in fact engaged with them since the Conservatives actually became the government and weren't too dependent upon the Liberal Democrats got to now dependent on the people from Northern Ireland so
perhaps some of them yes indeed Councillor McGee so so so I think we need we need to have some answers on that one but of course the Conservatives are deeply divided over these matches and they don't want it kind of being made public indeed at the moment I barely even have been a close observer of the Conservatives so many years that the current preoccupation of course nationally is is with tuition fees and universities because the percentage of the age group on the
thought I
is extremely small in national elections and there's one thing you can say about the Conservatives they like being in power
and they are trying to get people back by considering how they can do it between 9 am and Twenty Twenty Two so not too concerned about schools but they are very concerned about losing seats like Canterbury which they did in the
General election recently
now asked to crash and burn
the Labour government weren't speculating in the city in 2 thousand and 7 8 and it wasn't the Labour government who have been paying extremely high salaries to the Directors of carillon and quite a number of other companies so I think we need to get these things in some kind of perspective
they clearly as Councillor Allen said there is an increasing money
going into schools but it's not I know and Councillor Lloyd comes back to one of the classic conservative arguments
where is the money coming from well I'll tell him where it's coming from
it's combing when you persuade your chancellor of the Exchequer to get the banking levy reinstated because this four-point seven billion there and there are other areas that he could be seriously lobbying to get Luke to what the people in tax havens and tax avoidance schemes and we can as Leader of the opposition recently said show the door to some of these contractors who have been making millions out of the tax payer for a very long period of time so there's no shortage of money in this country it's a very wealthy country indeed some people just don't want to put money into it having taken this out
that's what the reality is and that's what we are facing so I have no hesitation in supporting this resolution and I was very very interested in the speech of the Leader of the Conservative Group
thank you Councillor Weldon

[Cllr Mark Weldon - 3:12:07]

[Cllr Mark Weldon - 3:12:09]

thank you my Lord Mayor I wasn't going to be going to contribute
comes to Lloyds contribution to the debate means I have to go up and say something
and again
the Councillor Hardy is as I said where the money came from it's not about where the money comes from it's about the funding and we have a Conservative idea of
it's like the playground one for you want from me we'll view one for me very simple idea there's an as a different most more subtle more mature idea of Furness based on need Furness based on how children are in school ferns based on the most social social aspect of Furness or more mature better one not justly it might use its mind its use of the conservative attitude that's what we need to get it if we look at further funding we're not asking Stockport is not asking for the earth we're asking for funding to be compatible say with Trafford
or with some of the other London boroughs on a per pupil basis so they were asking for a reasonable amount we are asking for this to be reduced we're just asking for more for Stockport because we are one of the worst from the authorities in this country and it's not it's not fair on the children within Stockport asking or where the money is going to come from that's not its responsibility that's obvious gone stability is to the Children's Stockport and that's why I'm saying
when the closures and Councillor Fitzpatrick and look after him can look after himself continued reply to his own points we're making the point here because this is the way we can we can lobby this is how we have traditionally lobbied and it works well it works or not is the Conservative Group the Conservative Group were put plenty of motions forward asking for when there was a Labour government asking for things to be done now I say it's not worth the effort we have to go and contact some of the Conservative MPs okay William Wragg yet I responds but you'd be just getting in touch with Lord Lucan than the Conservative member for Cheadle so thank you Madam Mayor
thank you and Amal comments
thank you Councillor Fitzpatrick you have the right to reply

[Cllr Dean Fitzpatrick - 3:14:30]

we try these losses again of the county with no one apparently I
see in this is a comment about the irony of
political posturing we've just heard from Councillor log
this is the problem with your speeches said and you are very well meaning you're a nice guy
when you get when you get your political Assistant to write your speech for you you don't listen to what I said
now you said that the motion that we brought in March two thousand seventeen did nothing while it did the motion in two thousand seventeen got the government to drop the Fair Fair funding Formula to change their funding model yes it did said yes it did the proposal that they the proposal that they put forward was different that's going to be implemented later this year so that's done so that's over so we achieved that vague as I said in my speech and had you
don't count
let Councillor Fitzpatrick respond
thank you
anyway enthroned by that one now
the expatriate you take your time and shouldn't have interruptions
yes so we got the government to change that is exactly the point now that's done that new funding formula is going to come in later this year this motion is to reset and to reinvigorate that debate and again for us to say as a Council we think the government needs to after doing what they've done go back and start again so this now sets Council policy this doesn't repeat what we've said because we've done that we've moved on this is about what we do in the future
I think everything else has been said to be honest with you
so you cannot support you cannot support
appropriate levels of funding for early years for schools and for high needs I think that says it all to be honest with you I'm happy to go to the vote
thank you
so any more comments
it's not agreed
no it's not great so we'll take it to vote
okay so I'll shortly open the vote Members will have
Thirty seconds to press one of their flashing for abstain or against buttons on the microphone to indicate their vote you've got will be indicated on the unit by a solid blue light if you have made a mistake you can change the votes at any time until I declare that the vote has been closed can members now indicate their vote
thank you
thank you the voting is now closed and I declare
that that is the motion is carried thank you
our second motion this evening
deeds and not words the centenary of votes for women I call on Councillor smart to move the motion

[Cllr Lisa Smart - 3:18:04]

thank you very much indeed Madam Mayor we've got a pair of motions coming from the Liberal Democrats this evening that are all about access to democracy and access to voting it's only hundred years since women were allowed to vote that is such a short period of time in the history of humanity now I think we all agree that we've come a long

[Cllr Lisa Smart - 3:18:24]

way but there is still a distance left to travel that's what the motion notes it talks about the suffrage to citizenship project and it's been led by the women's Local government society on an important piece of work in this the centenary year
we're commemorating and celebrating those suffrage pioneers whose efforts led to women being given the votes and Gertrude Powyc who is from romilly has been nominated to represent Stockport and I hope that nominated that nomination will be surrounded will be supported around this Chamber tell you a little bit around about Gertrude for those of you who don't know what she was born in 18 80 seven in romilly she graduated from the Victoria University of Manchester one of the very first women to do so and went on to teach at Manchester High School for girls Street was an active supporter of the suffrage cause she canvassed and spoke in favour of female enfranchisement and was the co-founder of the Bromley branch of the North of England suffrage Society she supported refugees following the outbreak of war in 19 14 and went to work close to the front line with the Quaker nurses in France she later travel to Poland to treat an outbreak of Titus where she ultimately contracted Titus and died in Warsaw the day after her 31st birthday Gertrude is just one of the women who shaped our democracy and who shaped our area she sits alongside women who more recently shapes our area petits in some ways some of them but Giants within their communities and within the history of this Council and talking about women like Patsy causing more in March 19 Tway Maureen Rowles and Stella Humphreys
and its further worth noting that since it came into being in nineteen seventy four this Council has only had one female leader one so far
now there may be some watching this webcast this evening and I'm sure there are thousands out there who think that it's okay and we've reached equalities and so what on earth is all the fuss about there may even be some in this Chamber who feel that way when I would gently suggest that you take a look at the evidence we travelled a long way yes but with twice as many male Councillors as female Councillors in Stockport we still have some distance to go take a look at the pay gap agenda paper take a look at the imbalance of those elected and appointed to roles taking a random example of the scrutiny committees for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority
and if you really want to go to the dark side take a look at the comments below an article written by or about women
we can all do something about this though and that's the great thing is the responsibility of all of us in this Chamber we can encourage good people especially good women to get involved in their communities and to stand for election we can all think even more about balance within our groups and within our wards and we can all consider balance even further when making appointments to the Combined Authority and to outside bodies
when will we know when we have got there when will we know we've reached a quality well I would suggest a good indicator might be when we've elected as many mediocre women to this Chamber as we have mediocre mandate
each of us in this Chamber stands on the shoulders of giants some of whom I have mentioned we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us are made our path that little bit easier it is right that we celebrate the centenary of this victory tonight
thank you I'd like to call on Councillor Ingham to second the motion

[Cllr Susan Ingham - 3:21:55]

thank you my Lord Mayor I second the motion and I will speak thank you
thank you fellow Councillors I am pleased to second this important motion which seeks to celebrate the centenary of women's right to vote by proposing some practical initiatives to enable more women to get involved in politics in Stockport
I am also hopeful that the publicity surrounding these celebrations and the actions in support of them like this motion will serve to encourage more people both men and women to exercise their democratic right to vote
I came from quite a politically aware home I grew up leafleting and taking numbers on voting day job lot of his dead and it seemed to me that term almost everyone voted
so it came as a surprise when I started
speaking to people on the door canvassing myself and to find that there actually are the quite a number of people who don't actually vote at all
and we sure all of us here have been told by residents men and women that they don't vote they're not interested don't care may be a copy of it and I find that very disappointing but I find it's even more disappointing when a woman tells me that
I can get quite animated at that point and it usually leads on to when quite a lengthy discussion on how Emmeline Pankhurst would be horrified spinning in her grave and how women fought and suffered to get the right for her to vote
I am glad to say that most STEM most of the women I spoke to in this way having heard this story actually commit then to go onto to vote thereon in because they might just been wanting to get me off the doorstep from its own I believe them so I'm I'm actually hopeful that with all the publicity surrounding the centenary of those women and all the initiatives and action that it will inspire such as this motion not only will more people both men and women being encouraged to vote but also more women will come into politics take leadership roles and redress this imbalance I fully support this motion and I hope Councillor she will support it too
thank you thank you Councillor Ingham any amendments
so it now asking for comments debate Councillor Walker

[Cllr Lisa Walker - 3:24:28]

thank you Martin bar
Councillor Fitzpatrick first when you get so Thirty-Nine plus a number of years you've got to take your glasses off
well Bramhall North has been leading the way in Stockport's with all three Councillors being women and we want to make sure that it stays that way after May 20 18
and the way we flex our candidates
to speak to people who would like to represent their community we interview them and was like the best person for the job regardless of gender
and I would imagine that's the same for all parties here present
in Stockport's you only need to check the number of female mayors that we've had this been 9 on Thirteen Deputy Mayors on the wall of the marble staircase and of course our current Mayor is female along with our Chief Executive the Deputy Chief Executive and the Director of Place so I think things from Stockport's are progressing well and there has been a huge steps forward in progress over the last hundred years due to the suffragette movement which Councillor smart rightly refers to in her motion
the Conservative party has also led the way with two female prime ministers
and in 20 17 the General election 2 hundred night women MPs were elected across all parties which accounts two thirds to 2 percent of all MPs which is a record high
there are two hundred and 10 women in the men in the House of Lords which equates to 20 6 percent but clearly these percentages needs we hire
the Conservative Group believe that we should all continue to support and promote women in politics whether it be local governments or as Members of Parliament and I would like to request Councillor Smart's to also include communication it's not only to identify women but also to the younger candidates as well thank you
thank you Councillor Walker anymore comments

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:26:45]

Councillor McCauley

[Cllr Patrick McAuley - 3:26:48]

thank you my Lord Mayor
I agree
not much it's right from the
have been said and
Will the Member stood up so far and I think the thing about the
there is the title of the motion says deeds not words and if the male members of the a Chamber well human me and K case law as a whole was quite right is cause for hope he'll go away and is quite right we've got a female chief executive we've got a female a mere we've got a the last Leader prior to the Council was female we've got also got a few most with disabilities in this Chamber so I think stop what can be quite proud of itself and as if the male members of the Turnbull humyo would like you to stand and congratulate and
Klopp and honour the women in this Chamber and how forward thinking Stockport as so gentlemen if you would
rise and give the ladies
thank you animal comments

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:27:58]

thanking is that not a great
thank you

7 b) Deeds not words: the centenary of votes for women

7 c) Elections for everyone: responding to the Electoral Commission report on the experiences of people with disabilities when registering to vote and voting

we now move on to the third motion and elections everyone we are responding to the Electoral Commission report on the experience of people with disabilities when registering to vote and voting so I now call on Councillor Laura Booth to move the motion

[Cllr Laura Booth - 3:28:23]

thank you Madam Mayor to have been a great I'm hoping we can go for a hat-trick because this isn't actually a political motion it's purely an issue of equality
as Councillor smart said its following on from that motion about opening up voting for everybody now there's a lot of detail within the motion and the reports in that they actually highlight a specific problem I'm going to address and that's a certain cohort which is the visually impaired and the intention for results tonight is to recognise that the RHI of people with disabilities they need to be in sole control of their right to cast a vote via a secret ballot now we're all political anoraks in here and we all take voting very seriously imagine if you really wanted to cast your vote you wanted to do it yourself and you want it to be certain you could do that in secret and there was just an insurmountable barrier preventing you from doing that
it's very pleasing that the government have expressed a commitment to make in the electoral system accessible to all voters and this tonight obviously is going to tie in with that government commitment
now the feedback within the stood days in the reports that are mentioned in the motion they were received from many individuals and a lot of organisations I won't name all the organisations but I'll just mention mentioned a few with Mencap scope are an IB and mind
a lot of the individuals gave many further suggestions about how to address the problem and one of those really struck me was they said they'd like to choose their own polling station because that would help make it more accessible
another area is if when we look at when the parties publish their manifesto the 20 17 General election and when they actually publish the easy read version it actually highlights this issue even further I'm not going to name the party's because it's not political but if I tell you
that out of the six main parties only to have the easy read version published on the same day and some of these are read versions routinely available days before the election now feedback from carers so that they were hindered because they didn't have enough time to help people with disabilities actually access the manifestos we need to perhaps have a look
at what other countries are doing and I'll just give a couple of examples in Australia the Victorian Electoral Commission actually has a disability action plan and they have enrolment and voting advice for carers
Canada has feedback forms are all polling stations and they actually have a specific form called the voting place accessibility feedback form
no I don't know what it's like in your wards but I know that when do you know I have tried to address this problem because we've seen on occasions some difficult is a big difficulty arose a few years ago when a resident contacted me to say that the polling station that Wendy and I are soldiers a local primary school was inaccessible for a lady in a wheelchair due to the extensive construction that was going on now as a result of temporarily the polling station was moved to our local hairdressers which had a ramp and a handrail
I would advise that report I perhaps have a look at the polling stations in the ward and see if you can trouble shoot anything that you know maybe able to help people
this cohort of people with visual impairments and these barriers for them to cast their vote independently and secretly is a prime example of why we don't use the medical model of disability or read this out before and I will read it out again tonight this this is a prime example of the social model of disability which actually says that disability is caused by the way society is organised rather than by a person's impairment or difference and it looks at removing the barriers that restrict life choices for people with disabilities that's what I'm asking you to do tonight I'm very proud of this Council because we're very proactive in recognising these difficulties and doing our best to do something about it we've got a good record and what we're talking about tonight is not disabling people but actually enabling people so I hope you will feel that you can support this
thank you I now call on Councillor Gordon to second the motion

[Cllr Chris Gordon - 3:33:35]

thank you Madam Mayor I formally second the motion and will take this opportunity to briefly speak to me
I would be the Chair of Stockport Disability Forum for 11 years
and I must commend the Council both previous administration and the present administration for its continuing help and support for the disabled people of Stockport
indeed some years ago I had the great honour of guiding the disability manifesto initiated by the disabled community themselves through this Council
and for those relatively new members you may say it on a frame outside the door in the corner it's worth a read if you haven't read it possibly an important reminder for those who have
this Council has supported disabled residents and the Disability Forum in many areas most lately inclusivity and with the Hate Crime situation but most importantly we have accessibility
in the context of this motion this does not mean solely the ability of disabled residents to enter polling stations which unfortunately unfortunately is still a work in progress thankfully with much improved
but to allow residents to exercise their franchise privately in the way that most of us take for granted
this is important as only last year senior members of the digital team came to the disability forward to help with an issue of blind or visually impaired residents whose specially software appear not to be compatible with the Council's information systems
although they could interact with other local authorities the major success for the Forum in this meeting was not was that the visually impaired members were actually taken seriously and not marginalises or have been in the past and not by this Councillor Mason
I'm pleased to say that the team is still working with the forum members to alleviate this situation parts of this motion would be a continuation of this work
I have discussed the motion with members of the Disability Forum and Disability Stockport both the senior administer to the Members and those who are blind and visually impaired indeed some of our blind members are active contributors at a very high level to both the local and national visually impaired communities they offer their unreserved support and help in any initiative to write it from this motion I trust in the continuing support of our disabled residents by elected Members of this Council and commend the motion to the Council thank you
thank you any amendments
thank you
any comments

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:36:11]

agreed b

6 c) Minutes

8 Annual Pay Policy Statement

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:36:15]

thank you very much Item 8 the annual pay policy statement I call on Councillor such weak to present the report and to move the recommendation

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 3:36:26]

thank you very much my Lord Mayor just briefly I formally move the report but I do want to highlight just a couple of areas
in particular around the living wage employers but we are reviewing our commitment to
carry forward not so myself brought the motion to Council a number of years ago where we commit to become an open wage employer something that I think certainly still poised to see a number of years on and for the first time we have published information on the gender pay gap
Councillor smart mentioned
in her speech on the motion prior
however overall is small that's two points seven 9 percent on the median ever we Reg sorry on the mean ever we rate and one point 8 1 percent on the media never we rate
well that is small in comparison with other sectors are still not acceptable I think can tell what is part of where we've always got work to do and this is the first time that we have published this information and an offer of a GM authorities will be doing so as well so it would be interesting to see where we sit in comparison Tourvel and what warnings and best practice we can take when it comes from Bach's I think it will be important over the next 12 months to see what we can to reduce it to our sorry to eliminate but at the same time I think it's good that we can share best practice with colleagues across
the wider local authority framework is also I formally knows
thank you I now call on Councillor Alex Ganotis to second the

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:38:11]

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:38:13]

recommendation to second reserve equal rights and any amendments
any comments
Councillor Pagel

[Cllr John Pantall - 3:38:20]

thank you my Lord Mayor I think one of the important to
additional development gender pay gap reporting and we talked earlier about to
universal suffrage
but we also know that
there is a gender pay gap is also a gender
gap in terms of proportions in in higher post and I hope as well as the formal
requirements of gender pay gap reporting we also perhaps be able to get some further information about the proportion
of men and women in different higher grades the LGA Madam Mayor believes no gender pay gap in local government
people I talk to particularly women
h strange me how the gender pay gap gets hidden so for instance if there is a negotiation on a starting salary for a senior post or review of a salary levels
the does seem to be some evidence that to the male appointees or the male manages the negotiating do somehow managed to negotiate higher rates so I think that the reporting is an excellent idea but we will need to go further and no doubt some questions in Council during the year

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:39:44]

comments cancer saturate you have the right ply
thank you
thank grade

9 Interim amendment to the Council's Contract Procedure Rules to permit implementation of a risk-based sourcing trial

thank you ISO 9 into an amendment to the Council's contract Procedure

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:39:58]

rules to permit implementation of a risk based sourcing trial I call on Councillor Sedgwick to present the report and to move the recommendation

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 3:40:08]

thank you very much part of me I just very very briefly the report has been for CMG it's been to Cabinet because even on an interim basis in parts of the Constitution it does have to come to full Council for
as an interim
is an interim policy but at the same time we do want to adopt this or any other change to stop procurement rules it will need to come back
to Full Council once again
I am happy to formally move

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:40:45]

thank you I call on Councillor Alex Ganotis to second the

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 3:40:49]

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:40:51]

recommendation second reserve equal rights thank you any amendments
any comments
to wait for me to ask if it's agreed rather than telling them OK

10 Nominations for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor 2018/19

the main charge item
nominations for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor two thousand eighteen 19 whereas Seventeen gone they amaze just gone in a flash
I now call on Councillor Alex Ganotis to formally move the nominations for election to the Office of Mayor and the appointment of Deputy Mayor for the civic year two thousand eighteen 19

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 3:41:27]

thank you Mr. Burnham said it was very difficult fees were introduced
i'm very or please recommend to Full Council on behalf of myself and the covenant which approved this last night
Councillor Walter Brett format next year and Councillor Wendy Meikle for Deputy map and I'm sure there'll be a formidable 13 if approved by you this evening scope falls Full Council in May and I think they have got many characteristics in common with one another first of all I think it's fair to say that they are both very well liked and respected across this Council across all members of this Council across offices and that is a very very important attributes when it comes to the morality that you can command
not just the respect of councils across the board but actually that they like you and will enjoy working with you
there are also very well liked and well respected in the communities that they represent have very very strong ties with their community and that's also something that we'd be looking for in any Mayor or Deputy Mayor and secondly they are both very experienced Councillors especially for what the role of Mayor and Deputy Mayor requires obviously Councillor Michael has been Mayor previously you can't get any better experienced the nuts and that was a fantastic year it was it was very successful and sends the morality and that was down to the way that Councillor Michael can conducted herself very very enthusiastic Mayor conducted these meetings very work very well engaged with community groups accidently and importantly raised a great deal of money for charity so we expect more of the same in the role of Deputy Mayor you set yourself a very very high bar there which are you going to have to make and the Council of course the currents and Deputy Mayor you've conducts it yourself excellently this this year so far
not that you want the rest of the year
I again come across very very well in public engagements and of course you've already had experience of chairing a full Council meeting and politically difficult for Council meeting as well and that very females come into office and with that experience but I think the most importance quality that we should look for in a Councillor when becoming Mayor or Deputy Mayor is their motivation for wanting to take up the role and again here is something that
both Wendy and Water have in common
it seems to me or my understanding of my experiences than is what drives them in their role as a Councillor is a concern for community not not that of course anyone that's not the case for anyone else we all are but it's really really clear fused UHSM for their communities that they represent comes through I think everything that they do how they speak in Council meetings in scrutiny meetings in Area Committees in these meetings
and their desire and dedication to put themselves forward and do the best they can for their communities and the other aspects of motivation which I think is quite important is they are both very committed and experienced fundraising
individuals for local charge to mean Wendy Meikle for goodness sake throws herself or for building every year for the course you can't get any more committed
within that
i'm she makes someone else storage buildings as well and so excellent search track
records excellent levels of experience and importantly they've got that motivation now shortly before Christmas I was that's an event with the current Mayor and she said to me at the end of the event I know Alex I'm enjoying this so so so much and I don't want it to one and I can understand the saying that seeing me because she has done such a good job in the role and it's clear that she really enjoys it but I went away from that thinking 0
she might stage a coup
I'm not sure I'm not sure if a full
social can retain that she can retain itself in office but I just want to give the assurance but demand not that you need it that with these nominations than their policy is in safe hands and your excellent work this year can be continued so I am very privileged and very happy to nominate both Wendy and Woolf's if the Mayor and Deputy Mayor next
thank you

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:46:16]

[Cllr Wendy Wild - 3:46:21]

thank you I now call on Councillor Wendy Wild to second the motion
thank you Madam Mayor I am absolutely delighted to second and
second the motion and I thank you

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:46:30]

and I just like to say I think it will be in very safe hands with Walter and Wendy and I wish them both the best of luck I will fill up shortly for better be quiet because
De MAES coming very close any right Welton both of you and good luck for it for May onwards
well gets that sorry
so I was trying to forget that bit and then we could have anyway

11 Business Programme - 2018/19 and 2019/20

it's all sorts of ways to carry on doing this but that one's obviously failed right so he's not agreed thank you
item 12
policy in respect of maternity or sorry 11 of missed one
sorry when over two pages
item Eleven business programme 2 thousand 18 19 and 19 20 I call on Councillor Sedgwick to present the report and to move the recommendation

[Cllr David Sedgwick - 3:47:26]

thank you
formally moved Madam Mayor
a great
can we seconded please

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 3:47:40]

I councillor
councillor a Nazi is
the second reserved these arise thank you agreed

12 Policy in Respect of Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Pay and Supporting Disabled Councillors

thank you Item 12 Policy in respect of maternity paternity and adoption pay and supporting disabled councillors I call on Councillor

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:47:58]

Alex Ganotis to present the report and moved the recommendation

[Cllr Alex Ganotis - 3:48:01]

Monkey will I think it is fair to say the the theme of the policy is driven through quite a few items of the agenda lots and I'm very very pleased to be proposing to this policy it gives effect to a motion that we passed out full Council
a number of months to go in actually goes beyond that and if passed I do believe that this will put us in the vanguard of councils across the country there are fewer than 10 percent of a of Councils have policies for Councillors
that cover all of these areas I think when we discussed this last summer at about seven
7 percent
I think this is really significant we really need to encourage as many people from under-represented groups in society to stand for election in terms of existing members
we need to make sure that we give them the same rights and we have the same expectations of them as you would any member of staff in employment those rights which are protected and given by law I think this will take us
quite a way forward in terms of opening up the council and demonstrating that we are we believe and demonstrates equal opportunities for more to do of course Councillor Smart's sets out some of those areas in her motion but I think this is something we can be very proud of if we adopt new and I know that there's a one or two Members of my Group also want to say something on the size and

[Cllr Wendy Wild - 3:49:39]

thank you I call on Councillor Wendy Wild to second the recommendation I second recommendations official thank you any amendments
now and before I say agreed can I just say can you not all just jump and go off because I just want to say something before we finished so he's not agreed

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:49:55]

i'm sorry comments any comments 0 sorry Councillor cancer relief

[Cllr Elise Wilson - 3:49:57]

well we've heard a lot tonight about where practical outcomes two motions and deeds not words and Councillor Light made quite a statement about actually having effective motions well this I think is a superb example of delivering on a tangible results on the motion that was put before this Council I think this is a genuine step forward in enabling women those with disabilities and waking gauged individuals generally getting involved with local government so I am really delighted to see this here tonight and I really hope it gets all your approval and I am just genuinely looking forward to what

[Mayor Linda Holt - 3:50:41]

we're going to achieve next thank you thank you Councillor Wilson so
it's not agreed agree just before you all leave and I just want to say before I wasn't at the last Council region we had a raffle going up to Christmas that you all contributed to the Mayor's raffle and on that night just for Christmas we got 300 pounds which I think was excellent from you all this evening we've got almost another 2 hundred so in just two meetings we've raised 500 pounds for the charities so I just want to thank you all very much you continue support with that because it's very very helpful so thank you and a safe trip home everybody thank you